Contest: Win Little Nightmares on XB1!

I did a little math, and based on the number of giveaways I have in my queue I calculated it’d be roughly 2046 before I gave them all away if I stuck to Thursdays only, sooo… it’s a contest on a Tuesday!

That’s right, we’re teaming up with the good people over at Bandai-Namco to offer you a chance to win Little Nightmares on Xbox One!

To enter, simply tell us what gives you nightmares and include your @Twitter handle. And that’s it!

Sample Comment
My daughter dating

Winners will be selected on Tuesday, May 16th. All entries must be submitted by 4 PM EST/1 PM PST on Tuesday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must be following me on Twitter to win.


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83 Responses to Contest: Win Little Nightmares on XB1!

  1. the nightly news

  2. Kasper Christensen says:

    Someone in my family dying.

  3. hestar69 says:

    Me in a plane full of spiders..My 2 biggest fears combined would give me some huge nightmares!


  4. Salty C says:

    My PS4 getting replaced for an xbox one


  5. Jia Liang says:

    Be in a place without internet

  6. salohut says:

    Snakes on a plane!

  7. Worst nightmare? Complete darkness. Not being able to see anything even with my eyes open and having no voice to scream. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Awful @HansMosich

  8. Chickens r scary 🐔

  9. Light speed says:

    The salty men

  10. Jay says:

    Donald Trump

  11. FenDozer says:

    Political Discussions

  12. malek86 says:

    Hornets. And heights. But especially hornets.

  13. @marteneee says:

    Spiders will forever give me Little Nightmares.

  14. Jordan650 says:

    My credit card bills!

  15. Raheel says:

    My future

  16. A sequel to Taken 3

  17. MrCriticalHit says:

    Being in an overbooked united airlines flight

  18. Danimal says:

    Spiders. Even typing the word gives me the willies.

  19. Dave says:

    Trapped under ice.

  20. SanctusDesolatio says:

    Creepy, demonic-looking children running at you with knives which was an actual nightmare I had.

  21. Abel Dal Ponte says:


  22. Christopher Lowell says:


  23. Max says:


  24. William Miles says:

    being on a united airlines flight and have to meet or be thrown off by there new flight attendant Lucille…

  25. Janice says:

    I used to think public speaking. Now it’s flying on a plane!

  26. nikaidostar says:

    My greatest fear is being swallowed whole, by any kind of beast, in the middle of the ocean.

  27. @achickensleg says:

    My Greatest fear would be Clowns!

  28. ToxicGenicide says:

    My fear would by Snakes

  29. pikkonfusion says:

    Falling and falling and falling gives me nightmares.

  30. Leon says:

    no Internet

  31. Giovanni Sosa says:

    Thinking about the future

  32. zsaber64 says:

    Entering countless competitions and never winning

  33. Shaun says:

    Being alone

  34. My Wife destroying my Xbox One 😦

  35. Dennis Gast says:

    Little nightmares does.

  36. VSlaven says:

    The future

  37. rockinjs864 says:

    Trump…Donald Trump gives me nightmares no matter what time of day it is


  38. Dave says:

    My own thoughts

  39. Tomoyo says:

    wake up, and realize there is no more internet in the world.

  40. artofbudgetgaming says:

    public speaking

  41. Waking up and realizing all Video Games are gone

  42. Apaam says:

    Alien movies

  43. Jordan Poet says:


  44. Josh Henry says:


  45. Scary noises when walking outside, alone at night

  46. drewbiedrew says:

    Having to pay bills

  47. Gary harwell says:

    I have this recurring nightmare where I have forgotten the words to a song I have to perform


  48. Josh Gibbs says:

    The inevitable heat death of the universe

  49. Diogo Angelo says:

    Not winning this beautiful game

  50. Nick C. says:

    Not succeeding in life

  51. Sean Yuzik says:

    Playing Superman 64

  52. Being Homeless again

  53. Leon says:

    Spiders dressed as clowns

  54. Garrie says:

    Spiders & scorpions

  55. genxsis83 says:

    Any horror movie ^^

  56. Marcelo angelo says:

    Horror movida @MaSb_MgS

  57. When your save files get corrupted and you have to start a new game

  58. MaxInk076 says:


  59. The FDR says:

    The supernatural… and spiders.

  60. ShihTzuOnYou says:

    Working overtime

  61. Jason Slaughter says:

    What gives me nightmares? All my bills! haha

  62. Politics.
    but in all seriousness, when I was young my mother had one of those faceless Amish dolls, and it gave me constant nightmares.

  63. hsith says:

    The future

  64. Antoine Frazier says:

    Going bald..oh wait

  65. Alex Giron says:

    Being on a plane would be my worst nightmare

  66. djtomoe says:

    Scary stuff :{

  67. signofchange says:

    XB1 red ring


  68. Saku says:


  69. @echoman83 says:

    Becoming the father of attractive twin girls.

  70. shawnsig says:

    Giant Spiders

  71. Dennis perkins says:

    Puppet Master

  72. My electronics being stolen when I’m not home

  73. Ami says:

    Brakes on my car not working

  74. viktor ryzkov says:

    poisonous snakes

  75. zerop1 says:


  76. gramku says:

    The finality of death.

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