DLC Review: Rogue One (Star Wars Pinball)

There's just not much going on in Rogue One pinball.

There’s just not much going on in Rogue One pinball.

By: Mike Chen

Star Wars: Rogue One was the biggest film of 2016 and in many ways, the Star Wars film some fans always wanted to see. Tie-in pinball tables can only go so far in terms of representing a license, but Zen Pinball’s Rogue One table doesn’t do much with its source material, and instead feels like a generic Star Wars table without much to do.

The table’s general aesthetic is based around the film’s climatic battle of Skariff, but unlike that chaotic beach battle, there’s surprisingly little going on. Zen tables usually have a secondary platform or space, along with a dense number of theme-specific secondary activities.

Here, Rogue One has two primary ramps and then a bumper area, and that’s primarily it. The extra flippers don’t do much, and other than the occasional “hit the target” mini-game, there’s not a lot of variety.

Astute Star Wars fans will also notice that the music is taken all from the original film rather than Rogue One, which also lends itself to a sense of quick and generic design.

Voice actors are similarly generic, though the only one who comes close to the film’s characters is the man who mimics K2SO (AKA the snarky droid). Otherwise, the bland script and lifeless delivery could have been pulled from any action film.

OVERALL (2.5/5)

Rogue One is one of Zen‘s weaker efforts, both in terms of physical design and use of licensed assets. Try the other Star Wars tables, you’ll get more mileage out of those.


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