PS4/XB1 Review: Super Dungeon Bros

What’s more beautiful than four bros all playing swords together?

By: Jeff Cater

Developed by React Games and published by Wired Productions LTD, Super Dungeon Bros is a four-player co-op dungeon romp that begins with a revelation of a backmasked record that unveils a secret set of dungeons and infinite treasures for those brave enough to descend into them.

If the temptation of a co-operative treasure quest is not enough for you, there are also sets of challenges to complete during your stay in the depths.

After you pick a bro and a weapon (with several unlockables), you begin wailing on and shooting enemies as they sprout from the ground. As you progress through a level, a threat meter is constantly rising on the right side of your screen. Once a segment of it fills up, a slew of new baddies show up that you need to contend with. The higher you let the threat level get, the more difficult and numerous the enemies will be.

The idea is to hustle your buns as quickly as you can to the end of the stage so you have fewer enemies to deal with, but if you’re playing with at least two others (which is highly recommended) then it’s not so terrible to let enemies come at you for a while, because after all they still give you gold and loot.

Treasure chests and baddies aren’t the only way to attain wealth in Super Dungeon Bros, either, as there are also mid-mission challenges like “Kill enemy X with weapon Y” or turning on a certain amount of shrines before you reach the level end.

Every few levels there will be a boss to contend with as well, and this is when you really want to have a teammate or two with you. Usually your physical attacks don’t do much to a boss character, so you have to corral them in search of a way to harm them using the environment. It’s certainly a neat way to spice things up, as every other enemy you encounter is just another pattern of dodges and whacks.

The controls are very easy to pick up on, as it’s mostly just slamming the right trigger in conjunction with the right bumper to mix up your attacks, dodging with the left trigger, and jumping to avoid obstacles with X. You can also activate your weapon’s ultimate attack, provided you have charge for it.

In case you don’t have three other bros hanging out to give a controller to, you can also find an extra bro online to fill in the gaps, so there should never be a shortage of bros in times of need.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

Super Dungeon Bros is a great game to play with your family, offering mild and silly humor that is sure to provide a laugh, and it’s a very colorful and friendly experience.


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