Contest: CODEMAS — 12 Games in 12 Days

codemas-12If you’ve been following me for a while you may remember the Codemas giveaways; if not, well, you missed some good stuff. Either way, we’re bringing it back… sort of. It won’t be nearly as sprawling, but we are going to be giving away 12 games in 12 days leading up to Christmas, so how bad can it be?

This page is going to serve as a home base of sorts for what’s to come starting today and concluding on Christmas Eve so check back each day to see what we have in store for that particular day (and maybe beyond).

Please make sure you’re following me on Twitter so that I can easily interact with you if you win a game(s).

DAY 1 (Dec. 13) — Batman: The TellTale Series Season Pass on Steam

DAY 2 (Dec. 14) — ABZU on PS4

DAY 3 (Dec. 15) — The Dwarves on XB1

DAY 4 (Dec. 16) — Killing Floor 2 on Steam

DAY 5 (Dec. 17) — Dragon Quest Builders on PS4

DAY 6 (Dec. 18) — Clustertruck AND Party Hard on XB1

DAY 7 (Dec. 19) — Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 on Steam, PS4 or XB1

DAY 8 (Dec. 20) — Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 on PS4

DAY 9 (Dec. 21) — Bethesda Pinball on XB1

DAY 10 (Dec. 22) — The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Season Pass on Steam

DAY 11 (Dec. 23) — Ark: Survivor’s Pack on PS4

DAY 12 (Dec. 24) — Final Fantasy XV on XB1 or PS4

Good luck, everyone! And MERRY CODEMAS!


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