PS4/XB1 Review: Zenith

This isn't an actual screenshot, it's an in-game video displaying the framerate.

This isn’t an actual screenshot, it’s an in-game video displaying the framerate.

By: Jeff Cater

Once in a while there comes a game that just makes you question things. This year we’ve seen a lot, but none have achieved the level of questioning that Zenith by Infinigon has. Most of these questions begin with the words “Why” or “How” and usually end with “did this even get released.”

In Zenith, you’ll play as a snarky anti-hero Argus, who loves trying to inject humor in any situation. Unfortunately it’s pretty rare when he hits his mark, though there are some laughs to be had. That is, if you can get around the rest of the “bad.”

The trouble starts immediately as the game firmly establishes itself as the “adventure game that uses the word ‘f**k’ a lot,” and most of the dialogue features wanton, needless profanity. I can hang with the sailors like the best of them, but have you ever heard someone who is just bad at cursing?

Like they’ll say something like, “Oh yeah, he can f**k shit up like any fu**ing bitch out there and all that shit. F**k.” And in the case of Zenith it gets in the way of the humor of the game that does work. Elvish racism? Check. Singing spiders? Check! Awkward, drawn out dialogue that junior high kids would cringe at? Double check.

Anyway, your mission is pretty much to be a pain in the ass to the other good guys of the world on your way to the Temple of Temperus (which is like the Mosque of the Mosqurous, or the Tower of Toweria). Argus generally shows up, the good guys go, “Man… it’s that guy again.” and a clumsy fight begins.

While good combat could’ve made up for a lot, it is sadly pretty atrocious. I’s insanely difficult to effectively aim any of your projectile powers and the hit-boxes for your melee weapons seems about a foot too short.

You have one attack bound to each face button, such as a fireball or a cone of ice, and switching up attacks to face multiple foes with different weaknesses is a must but is never easy. You can also roll away from attacks, or at least try to because it doesn’t seem to make much difference on whether or not they’re going to hit you. So yeah, the combat is pretty much a pain.

Exploration isn’t much better, either, because you’ll constantly be faced with framerates that chunk worse than the guy in front of you at KFC with his head beneath the gravy dispenser. While moving from one area to the next you’ll face unabashed loading times or even have to close down the game due to freezing.

OVERALL (1.75/5)

Zenith certainly tries to get things right, but there are simply too many bugs to justify playing through the silly dialogue and janky combat.


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