Throwback Thursday: Win One Piece: Burning Blood on PS4 or Vita!

opbbI’ve been knee deep in work the past week-plus, but I’m emerging from behind a comically high pile of paper (OK, my work is on the computer, but stacks of paper seems like a better mental image) to team up with Bandai-Namco for another giveaway! This week, we’re offering you the chance to win One Piece: Burning Blood on PS4 or Vita!

With Halloween almost here, our entry question this week is what was your favorite costume? To enter, simply post your all-time favorite Halloween costume in the comments section below. Please include your platform of choice (PS4 or Vita) as well as your @Twitter handle.

Winners will be selected on Friday, October 28th. All entries must be submitted by 4 PM EST/1 PM PST on Friday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must be following me on Twitter to win.


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126 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win One Piece: Burning Blood on PS4 or Vita!

  1. Michael Martinez-Santos says:

    Although my pick is something more recent, my favorite is one the I’ve have dubbed “HaraPain” which is wearing a gorilla outfit and the headband and robes or Pain (nagato) from naruto and painting the eye area of the gorilla to resemble the rinnegan. It’s a dumb Mashup I came up with but I can’t get enough of it lol

    Ps4 please
    Twitter: @michael4079

  2. Darkneji says:

    Can’t go wrong with the classic scream costume

  3. aspieboy says:

    I dressed as a blind man with hairy palms. It was pretty funny once people got it.

  4. Jordan650 says:

    I think I was the killer from Scream a record number of times, being a tween in the mid 90s :p

  5. I once dressed as Robocop : ) [I wonder what I did with the helmet lol]

  6. Xitchyx says:

    I always liked dressing as candy

  7. Nick says:

    My favorite Halloween costume I ever wore was Jim Carrey’s the Mask when I was a kid. My mom helped me make an awesome costume, so much fun but the face paint was a pain. Thanks for the contest!

  8. shawnsig says:


  9. Mr_Pity says:

    I had a Dark Mole costume when I was young and it was awesome. It’s my favorite.
    Thanks a lot for the contest !


  10. My favorite Halloween of all time that I wore as a kid is Wolverine. I had the toy mask and claw, but not clothing. My parents try to give me a black and yellow shirt combination. It was pretty funny. I was a little chubby kid so you’d see a chubby Wolverine. xD

  11. My go-to costume is schoolgirl, the trick is to make sure the skirt can cover my boys.

  12. I dressed as a catboy. It was good.


  13. jkh33(@jkh369) says:


  14. Juan ortega says:

    A white ripped t-shirt with blood stains simple yet you get the point

  15. James says:


    Favorite Costume: Michael Myers, takes me back to childhood like forever ago when I used to be scared of him haha

  16. Lorenzo Cromwell says:

    My favorite was someone dressing as a taco

  17. jkh33 says:


  18. ci254 says:

    I will never forget my Power Ranger Red Ranger onesies back from my childhood days. Nothing will top it. @Cionyl PS4

  19. Ace says:

    I personally like cosplay of video game and anime characters. Out of those, I really like costumes that go above and beyond to look like the character they’re cosplaying. That being said, I guess I don’t have just one costume that I like. So I guess I’ll go with Deadpool? @RoyalXIII

  20. TheUltimateSSJ says:


  21. Darran says:

    Stormtrooper because it’s the best costume

  22. Darran says:

    Darth Vader because it’s the best costume

  23. Pedro says:

    I dressed as a pizza delivery driver
    Ps vita

  24. fifteencharword says:

    The Horta, from Star Trek. Note: don’t give it rock candy.

  25. Heng P. says:

    Dressing up as Dracula

  26. Efrain Chihuaque says:


  27. Ricky C says:

    Master roshi from dragon ball

  28. vanquish123 says:

    When i was a kid I once dressed up as Spawn. XD


  29. Leon says:

    PS Vita

  30. EntryPlugMC says:

    Mine was when I was a little kid. I was Buster from Tiny Toons. For some odd reason, this has always been my favorit. Maybe it’s because some guy in a haunted house type yard grabbed my leg, tore the costume, and I was only a little scared.


    Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. Matt says:

    Dressing as a Banana

  32. Neal Yorek says:

    My favorite costume would have to be Old Joseph Joestar : D

  33. hestar69 says:

    Who doesn’t love a girl dressing up as a sexy nurse or witch.Classic costumes

    For a guy costume,My favorite is the the borat thong..Iz nice!!!


  34. RickyBamBam says:

    When I was 5 years old, I was a ninja. XD Never forgot that costume.

  35. jayzay says:

    My favorite Halloween costume of all time is..Dracula
    Ps Vita Pls

  36. xredcomet says:

    My favorite was a Wolverine (90’s X-Men version) costume. That was when I was still a little kid.

  37. nathan0476 says:

    In the first grade, I went as the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.
    PS Vita

  38. Tnhellbilly says:

    Michael Myers coveralls and mask 😀

  39. José Miguel Requena says:

    Well my favorite is Jason X! A lot of ppl will $§«¦! Hahaha.

  40. Stacy Duncan says:

    Ironic due to the contest, but my favorite halloween costume was when I was a pirate. Love pirate stuff.

  41. Khang Kieu says:

    My favorite costume is Darth Vader

  42. Khang Kieu says:

    My favorite costume is Symbiote Spiderman.

  43. My favorite costume is Symbiote Spiderman.

  44. Chris says:

    A Werewolf
    PS4 or PSvita

  45. Jay says:

    Michelangelo, the turtle, not artist

  46. MrCriticalHit says:

    Dressing up as a giant sausage

  47. Alberto Fluxá says:

    My favorite costume for halloween would probably be a black mage from Final Fantasy! Would have to find a creative way of covering the face and having yellow glowing eyes though.

  48. Daniel says:

    Clowns of course

  49. Anthony C Nwankwo says:


  50. Izmarlord says:

    Mine would be smiley for sure haha.

  51. pikkonfusion says:

    Darth Vader w/ my red lightsaber

  52. William Menjivar says:

    This is a costume that I have yet to wear, but am hoping one day I’ll be able to (it’s pretty expensive lol). My favorite costume is of timeskip Usopp. Let me tell you why. Zoro was my all time character at the beginning of the show. Then the timeskip happens and guess what. Zoro is still the same beast as before the time skip. Usopp however developed as a character in not just strength but in courage as well. He’s inspired me so much and well… Id love to dress as him!

  53. Iris Dimero says:


  54. Cant go wrong with the classic cowboy!

  55. Vicky Kumar says:

    Black skeleton

  56. HazeX2 says:

    My favorite costume has to be Darth Vader.

  57. Zombie costume

  58. HUNK from Resident Evil, complete with gas mask!
    PS Vita

  59. Steven Cousins says:

    Alphonse Elric
    PS Vita

  60. My favorite Halloween costume was a custom cenobite from the Hellraiser series =^)
    PS4 please
    Thank you for the giveaway and good luck all!! =^)

  61. Scream costume

  62. akmgmer says:


  63. Taylor says:

    Jason Voorhees

  64. David Son says:


  65. Mike monteleone says:

    Long time ago , I went dressed as my older brother. He’s got a good 5+ years on me . We look identical. I did everything he did. I got to drive his car. I went to work for him ( grandparents restaurant ) . I flirted with a customer who adored my brother. I bought beer for my friends party. I went to his frat party before going to my friends party ( knowing he would go to that party) It was pretty much the craziest 24 hours of my life. He told me afterwards that I should have gone to the DMV and got a replacement license with my photo instead of his. Obviously telling me this knowing I’d never get at his ID again. Was totally worth it though !


    Would love it on the PS4

    Thanks and Happy Halloween!

  66. Fire Fist Ace costume from One Piece!!!

  67. Cool Gamer says:

    My favorite costume is being a vampire or wolf.

  68. My favorite costume would be Rean from Trails of Cold Steel series. And I would like the game for PS Vita.

  69. Joshua Freedman says:

    I have fond memories of being a blue M&M…..yeah, I never was very creative with costumes.


  70. kishnabe says:

    Not entering, thanks for the Giveaway VGR. One Piece BB is fantastic….

  71. Star wars costumes are awesome especially Darth Vader


  72. Jason says:

    Basic Dracula


  73. Danimal says:

    Had a pretty cool Phantom of the Opera costume one year.

  74. Jet says:

    Kamen Rider

  75. gramku says:


  76. Dev says:

    I was an alien ninja once.

  77. gman says:


  78. Sean Thayer says:

    Darth Vader

  79. Heath Ledger’s “The Joker” costume

  80. John Lennon says:

    A cardboard box with “Gundam” written on it.

    I would prefer PS4 and my handle is @banefloor

    Thanks for doing this!

  81. John Lennon says:

    A cardboard box with “GUNDAM” written on it.

    I would prefer PS4 and my handle is @banefloor

    thanks for doing this!t

  82. Josh Michaud says:

    I’m sending my friends letters in the mail this Halloween instead of going out. I call it the “absentee voter” costume.


  83. Phillip says:

    A vampire.
    PS Vita

  84. derrick wicker says:

    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S Thompson. was a fun costume

  85. Joey says:

    Green or Red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger

  86. Fond memories of dressing up as a Jurassic Park park ranger as a kid.
    PS Vita

  87. When I was a kid, I went as Sailor Moon 3 years in a row. All time favorite!


  88. darklurkr23 says:

    I always wanted like a 1000 dollar Predator costume. Never got it. 😦
    But I did like my Hulk COstume in high school. I had jean shorts, a hulk shirt, about a football player’s amount of green, and all day HULK HANDS SMASSSHH GRRRRRRRRRRRR soo good.

  89. Victor says:

    I dressed as a gynecologist & walked into hospitals.

    Vita please
    Twitter @vic_x51

  90. Ramzy says:

    My all time favorite will be the killer clowns (:

  91. i guess my favorite costume was Santa lol, needless to say i wasn’t popular.
    I would prefer PS4 my twitter handle is @Reaper_0

  92. Sean says:

    Green ranger with the chest armor!
    PS Vita

    Happy Halloween!!

  93. buster42 says:

    I dressed up as Eeyore for several years. It was a comfy costume!

  94. Ember says:

    Yugi from Yugioh. Although the mask was sweaty.

  95. Franc says:

    I had a very very old shirt and pair of jeans that combined made me look like a hobo and i decided to wear it for a party and everybody thought i was the most realistic hobo they’ve ever seen, quite a popular costume so i have to go with that one

  96. Favorite Halloween Costume was Edward Scissorhands! That movie and the character is always very special to me.



    Much appreciated

  97. Gotta be Batman. Who doesn’t love pretending to be Batman.

  98. Eric says:

    Commander Shepard

  99. M Alfan says:


  100. TMNT Leonardo when i was a kid.

  101. Adrian Bryan says:

    My all time favorite Halloween costume was when I was Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.

  102. Chaz Pollitt says:

    My favorite by far was made handmade Reptile from Mortal Kombat costume that I wore when I was 8. Slightly unrelated, a year later I dressed as Agent J from Men in Black and all the people in the neighborhood thought I was supposed to be Michael Jackson. I didn’t even have long hair. Further more Michael Jackson didn’t carry a giant plastic ray gun.😦


  103. SERA SEELY says:

    Pikachu, because my mom sewed it up herself when I was 8

  104. I think my favorite one was Crash Bandicoot as a kid. I had the biker jacket, nose painted black, the works. @DarkChaosXX Vita

  105. raunak128 says:

    Most definitely Tobi with the Sharingan mask!

  106. Tapiwa says:

    I once dressed up as a samurai with swords and other cool stuff : ps vita

  107. Favourite Costume: PINK GUY COSTUME
    Preferred Choice: PS4
    Twitter Handle: @EndlessNights9

  108. I always liked being a big ol pumpkin. My belly works well for it!

    Thanks for the opportunity, I’d like the PS4 version. My handle is @Hyperfludd.

  109. My favorite Halloween costume would have to be Jack skeleton. This is Halloween!

  110. My Favorite Halloween costume would have to be Jack skeleton. This is Halloween!

  111. Moacyr says:

    Evil Dead’s Ash, for sure!

  112. steelace says:

    I never had good costumes hen i was younger, so the best had to be a clown.


  113. David Edwards says:

    Dracula, classic
    Ps4 @gunstar808

  114. Draven Henninger says:

    My favorite costume would have to be death from darksiders 2

  115. Eric C says:

    I dressed up as a power ranger one time and I loved it.
    PS4 @Wyldf1re

  116. Alex G says:

    I would have to say Michael Myers Halloween costume was my favorite because when I was little my neighbor would throw a huge Halloween party and we would see him scare the hell out of people wearing that costume

    For PS4

  117. zerop1 says:

    Himura Kenshin

  118. Ghostface

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