DLC Review: The Usurpers Hero Pack (Armello)

Back to Armello we go!

Back to Armello we go!

By: Ted Chow

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Armello is back with The Usurpers Hero Pack, an all-new DLC after the game’s initial release over a year ago. It is hard to believe that the game has continued to maintain a solid fan base and still feels engaging to play after all this time.

While the DLC doesn’t add many new mechanics or change any of the fundamental gameplay, it is still a labor of love to fans of the series and newcomers alike.

The DLC brings four new characters to the roster, bringing the total to 12, each with their own little twist to increase their charm and lovability. Whether it is Ghor’s magic craze dual personality or Magna’s knightly stature, the new characters not only bring more strategy with their special traits, they also bring more personality to an already intricately crafted world.

All in all, the new characters were thought out to bring diversity to the animal clans and also new playstyles for players who prefer certain factions over others.

In addition to the new characters, the usurper DLC also brings with it new rings to equip while in the selection screen. The rings cater to each individual faction and will give different statistical bonuses depending on certain factors being met.

For example, the Rubellite ring will give the wolf faction +3 fight while you only have one health. These rings will open up new possibilities and strategies for the player to tinker around with to their liking.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

The Usurpers Hero Pack DLC is a welcomed edition to the base game, and the new heroes are well worth the $10 price of admission. While I would’ve liked to have seen new cards and story added to the already interesting mythos of Armello, the omission is fair given players can vie for the throne with new revitalized strategies. It was truly a pleasure to revisit such a compelling and artistic game.

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