PC Review: Captain Forever Remix

Ohhhhh.. BURN!!!!

Ohhhhh.. BURN!!!!

By: Brian Gunn

Captain Forever Remix is the standalone, updated release of a popular web browser game. Have the developers made a case for handing over your hard earned dough, or are you better off with the original? Let’s find out.


Captain Forever Remix is a customizable spaceship game that relies heavily on physics. This means if you build your ship oddly, perhaps putting too many thrusters in strange areas, they may start to act against you and force you to fly in a circle rather than straight.

This presents a somewhat sizable learning curve, but aside from that, it handles well. There’s no controller support because the game frequently wants you to loot ship parts and rebuild into crazy configurations, all of which require the mouse.


The basic idea the game upholds is essentially “LEGO spaceships.” And so, the developers wisely coated the entire game in silly childhood terms. There’s an art style that is almost like Adventure Time but ultra detailed, and your enemies are often silly animals like corgis.

Some of the backgrounds can be bland, given they’re often just empty space, but there’s some charm such as seeing planets with “King Kevin was here” spray painted on them.

In terms of sound design, Captain Forever Remix fails to make an impression. There’s no voice acting, and the soundtrack lacks variety, especially the music accompanying building your ship. At least the “pew-pew” of lasers and whatnot are fun in emulating that childhood feel the game has.

GAMEPLAY (2.5/5)

Captain Forever Remix has players starring in the role of Natalie, aka Captain Forever, as she battles against her annoying little brother Kevin, aka King Kevin. Everything is in their imaginations, which means there’s lot of random craziness.

You start off with a basic spaceship, but in this game, whatever is left over when you defeat an enemy can be added to your own ship. So while you’ll start off with just a couple lasers and thrusters, by the end you might have a design so intricate the Starship Enterprise gets jealous. There’s a lot of fun for creative folk to be had, and those that are less inclined can download ships from Steam workshop.

The basic thrust of the game is you have to reach Pluto, and each stage represents the planets. You’ll start off on the first level needing to kill a Level 2 enemy, and that setup is repeated throughout. Each level of ship and its parts are color coded: green is Level 1 for instance, while yellow is Level 2.

As you explore and fight you’ll also discover parts that, for instance, buff you or add additional functionality. Once you take down that powerful enemy, you’ll have a chance to add their parts to yours, which for whatever reason has a countdown timer that proves slightly annoying.

Combat takes some getting used to due to the game relying heavily on a physics model. While it does make sense that you’d need to account for where thrusters go, it can still feel awkward in practice. Furthermore, as you’re learning you’ll likely be losing a decent amount of parts to damage and having to replace them constantly, which can slow the action quite a bit.

And that’s mostly it. There’s no saving, and the game is procedurally generated, so you won’t be seeing your cool ship again if you die. There’s only one real holdover between play attempts, and that is the enemy that killed you getting marked as a Nemesis, which will reward additional loot when you get your revenge.

There’s also a sandbox mode for those just looking to engage with their inner child, though it is limited to what you’ve built in the campaign or found on Steam.


Captain Forever Remix is a solid outing that suffers from frustrating controls. However, it does scratch that childhood nostalgic itch a bit for those willing to push through the early moments.


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