DLC Review: The Dark Fist (Punch Club)

There is much darkness in that fist.

There is much darkness in that fist.

By: Justin Hobley

Somewhere, someone out there would tell me that the first rule of Punch Club is to not discuss Punch Club. That person would likely be dancing around a Cease and Desist order at this time, so let me sneak in here with some fresh news about The Dark Fist, a major update to Punch Club that adds several things to the game.

With the introduction of The Dark Fist, cloud saves were added so that you can play on Steam, save to the cloud, and pick up your cellphone to keep playing (Android and iOS only). Of course, play safely, folks – no beating people up while you’re driving, please!

Additionally, The Dark Fist introduces new content in the form of a briefcase that shows up in your house. This case introduces a new storyline for you to discover. Follow the glowing briefcase as it takes you all across town on the tail end of a crime spree, presenting more questions than answers.

Of course, no question likes to go unanswered, and no foul deed goes unpunished for long, so as you follow the gooey beacon around town, you’ll eventually uncover some of the answers.


The Dark Fist adds some solid content and a few quality of life fixes to Punch Club, giving those who may have already completed the game something new to do as they manage their boxer’s life.


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