DLC Review: Satura’s Space Adventure (Runbow)

To Satura and Beyond!

To Satura and Beyond!

By: Matthew Striplen

Didn’t get enough from the original release of Runbow? You’re in luck! This DLC pack comes with a ton of new skins, costumes and most importantly, a brand new adventure mode: Satura’s Space Adventure.

The layout is similar to the original adventure mode, which puts players on a level grid. This time, we must collect the pieces of Satura‘s ripped poster before fighting the boss. There are 36 new levels total, which includes all three difficulty ratings.

These levels feature all the same innovative mechanics as the rest of the game, such as the color swapping, but with one major twist. Since we’re now venturing across space, gravity manipulation plays a vital role.

Special fields in the form of rising waves reverse gravity’s flow. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Although these stages start off without too much difficulty, the challenge quickly ramps up. Once you get to the hard stages, be prepared to die many, many times.

Did I mention these levels are hard? Yeah, they’re crazy tough, especially the final boss. This boss takes every type of challenge seen thus far, color shifting, gravity manipulation, etc. and creates a true monstrosity.

Despite the high level of difficulty, these levels are beatable, though it may take even the most experienced platforming veterans a few tries. Runbow still manages to strike the delicate balance between challenge and a rewarding result.


If you’re a Runbow fan, definitely check out the new content. Satura’s Space Adventure builds on the solid foundation laid by the original game. Plus, the new costumes are plenty of fun, too.


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