PS4/PC Review: Republique — Terminus

Isn't that what happens to people's faces in The Ring?

Dude, you have something on your face.

By: Ted Chow

Please note that since each episode of Republique features the same graphics engine and control setup, those elements will not be repeated in our reviews for additional episodes. To read our thoughts on that, refer to our review of Republique Remastered, which contained the game’s first three episodes.

Terminus is the fifth and final iteration in the Republique episodic series and concludes this long running story. With little gap in the story from Episode 4, the game will place you back in the driver’s seat of the unnamed hacker as well as your partner in crime, Hope. The only real difference is this finale will leave players with more questions than answers.

After four episodes of exploring and solving puzzles, the last one takes a more passive approach, deferring to what came before and serving as more of an exposition dump of information to tie all the loose ends. However, it left more lingering questions than it did providing a conclusive, satisfying ending.

Convenient plot devices moved the story forward, and the pseudo choices that you make don’t account for much deviation or hope of multiple endings as it suggests. Overall, the story felt flat compared to the buildup of the past episodes.

Graphically, the game uses most of the same assets that were in previous episodes. There are a few new locations, though the majority of the time will be spent backtracking to landmarks that you’ve previously visited. There are some dynamic changes to these locations via debris, but all in all, they are quick in passing and serve no useful purpose.

Gameplay is the same and you will take the perspective of the hacker and jump from camera to camera to navigate Hope through the mission areas. A new type of red camera is in the game that reduces the time you can hack into that particular camera before you are spotted. Aside from that little twist, the abilities are the same, and it’s a shame that they didn’t introduce some new mechanics to close things out.

Lengthwise, Terminus can be beaten in around an hour. The content this time around is more listening than clever interactions. One of your primary objectives will be to erase the false allegations on the soldiers that were scammed to work in Terminus.

Taking the diplomatic approach is the method of choice as you get to learn more about the inner working of Terminus. Another objective is to stop the plans of the Overseer, but without spoiling the ending, it is all rather anti-climatic.

OVERALL (3.25/5)

Republique — Terminus gives more of the same with a face lift here and there. The ending can be left open to interpretation, but a solid conclusive ending would have done more to ground the story. Viewed as a series, Republique built an interesting world that was engrossing, but it ends with a bit of a whimper.


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