Nintendo 3DS Review: Slice It!

Slice it, dice it, put it in a stew.

Slice it, dice it, put it in a stew.

By: Matthew Striplen

This little puzzle game comes to us by way of Arc System Works and Com2uS. Slice It! offers a bunch of puzzles that are perfect for gamers on the move.

Slice It!‘s premise comes down to splitting up assorted geometric shapes. The player is given a limited number of cuts to divide the shape, as well as a target number of shapes to create. Sometimes other instructions will be given, like dividing the given shape into equal parts. Other levels won’t explicitly state this, but they will force the player to get a more even space distribution if the criteria hasn’t been met.

Slicing it up might sound easy to the uninitiated, but the shapes and requirements get pretty challenging after a while. The first few levels are easy enough to acquaint newcomers, but the handholding doesn’t last long. If you’re feeling stuck, don’t be afraid to use a hint, which gives players a guaranteed correct cut. However, hints come in very limited supply, so use them wisely!

Levels are organized into two episodes of 100 levels apiece, so there’s plenty to do. Although the levels on a given page can be played in any order, all levels must be completed on a page to access the next one, or the second episode. There’s also a Quick mode that has players see how many puzzles they can solve within a time limit.

All of Slice It!‘s action takes place on the touchscreen, and the 3DS must be held sideways, like in the original Brain Age. Using the stylus is an absolute must to get any kind of accuracy. That being said, getting a precision cut can sometimes take a while, as the touchscreen doesn’t always read with perfect accuracy. This can be a little frustrating, but it doesn’t impact the game negatively in the long run.

The game doesn’t offer much in terms of music, since only a handful of tracks are present for its entirety. More variety would’ve certainly be welcomed, but the puzzles are still fun. The visuals are also basic, featuring a cute, childlike, hand drawn style.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

Slice It! is a great example of a time waster. The nature of its gameplay lends itself very well to people who like to just pick up and play. Slice It! also does a good job of teaching players the ropes without lengthy instructions. Plus, the different themes of the levels are a welcome addition. If you’re looking for something quick that’ll sometimes leave you scratching your head, Slice It! is a good choice.


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