PC Review: Bloxitivity



By: Justin Hobley

Bloxitivity is a single-player platform puzzle game developed by 55 Revolver, a part of Degica Co., Ltd. It pushed and pulled its way onto Steam on Jan. 21, and features Steam Workshop support for puzzle sharing along with trading cards.


The control scheme for Bloxitivity is very simple: WSAD allows for standard movement on the playfield, with your turning abilities bound to the mouse. Pushing blocks away from your character is done with the left mouse button, and pulling them toward you is accomplished with the right. Sprinting is done with the shift key and jumping is managed with the space bar. In third-person view, turning your character felt very sloppy and harder to handle than it should be.

During my playthrough, an update that fixes the camera to allow players to position it in first- or third-player views, as well as overhead, was added. This can be handled by pressing “C.” The addition of the different camera views helped significantly, as the controls made more sense and were much more manageable this way.


The graphics are very simplistic in Bloxitivity to allow for fewer distractions by the background, so to speak, while the puzzles you’re working on get the full focus. The puzzle pieces are simply cubes with minimal edge decoration to allow them to stand out from the floor.

Background music seems to be intended to calm you down as you play, to get you to focus more on the puzzles as you make progress, but it felt annoyingly repetitive far too quickly. I found that I needed to turn the music off to be able to focus after a few puzzles, resulting in the music having the opposite effect of what I suspect was intended.


When you first start, you find out that you’ve been exiled into a Simulation Grid. You’re marked as trash, to be turned into an energy-eating being called a Tetra through a process called Tetracycling. You don’t want to be recycled!

You manage to steal a piece of experimental technology to try to escape the system, but the Creators are throwing an endless array of levels to try to keep you in. A brief text and image tutorial awaits you, explaining most of your controls and providing a crash course on how to play your way through the puzzles.

With this in mind, you arrive in the first level, ready to push and pull your way to freedom. You’re equipped with a tractor beam that allows you to shove and tug blocks that are in a straight line with you, and your goal is to cover the colored panes with a matching colored block and avoid running into the energy-eating Tetras. There are 25 levels that come with Bloxitivity, and more levels are being made available through the Steam Workshop.

For those who have played Sokoban or one of its clones in the past, Bloxitivity will play similarly to the older block movement puzzles presented, with the addition of color matching and another plane of movement with the inclusion of jumping.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

As a puzzle game aficionado, I found Bloxitivity to be fun to pass a short amount of time. Being able to pick up a game and play for a few minutes, then put it down until I have a bit more time to play again is something I miss these days, and seeing that 55 Revolver thought to include that as an option helps those who want a quick sliding puzzle fix.


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