XB1 Review: G Prime: Into The Rain

Is that a space sail?

Wait, are those sails? Is there wind in space now?

By: Quinn Potter

Welcome to G Prime: Into the Rain, an old kind of game with a new set of clothes. It’s a puzzler set in space with a twist of steampunk for atmosphere.


Controls are adequate. Nothing special going on here, and you can’t remap, but they’ll work to get the job done.


On the plus side, the steampunk graphics are sharp. The details are elaborate and nicely rendered. Having a steampunk theme enhances what would otherwise be a rather bland game.

On the downside, there are some weird camera angles that don’t add anything positive to the game. The game will also randomly record clips of play, which gets kind of annoying. Soundwise, the narrator’s voice is cloyingly artificial. The information the narrator offers (“larger bodies pull harder than small bodies – a lot harder,”) isn’t particularly useful, and it’s said in a rather patronizing way.

The soundtrack, meanwhile, is mellow, moody and repetitive.


A mysterious “rain” of gas and dust has been dispersed throughout the galaxy. Your job, as an officer onboard a space station, is to maneuver rockets throughout the universe. Or, at least, we think that’s your job.

You’ll quickly see that figuring out your objective is actually one of the most difficult parts of the game. Imagine if you woke up in a spaceship, completely alone and disoriented. Now you’ve got to figure out what to do next. What to do? What to do? Let’s start by navigating the tutorial.

Okay, well, that took over an hour and was no help whatsoever. The tutorial offers a complete and utter lack of direction. It dangles out the idea that you will be achieving some nebulous goal, but that’s it.

Well, tinker around some more and you might just figure it out. The object is to launch your rocket on the right trajectory so it slingshots around a sequence of planets. You’ll pick up points for each planet you touch.  The back story is laid out in the opening cut scene, which is supposed to motivate the game play, but it manages to be simultaneously boring and incomprehensible.

So, to sum up, it’s a puzzler, but the real puzzle is trying to figure out what you’re supposed to do. And even once you do get into the real game, you’ll find levels that seem better suited for a phone than console gaming.


It pains us to write this about G Prime: Into the Rain, but creating an enigma wrapped in a puzzle tucked into a mystery of a tutorial isn’t our kind of fun.


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