PC Review: Republique — God’s Acre

Let's play hide and seek!

Let’s play hide and seek!

By: Ted Chow

Please note that since each episode of Republique features the same graphics engine and control setup, those elements will not be repeated in our reviews for additional episodes. To read our thoughts on that, refer to our review of Republique Remastered, which contained the game’s first three episodes.

Republique Episode 4: God’s Acre, is the latest release in the Republique episodic telling of a controlled society where individual freedoms are quelled through fanatical doctrines. As a direct continuation to the previous, you again play in the view of the hacker and help Hope continue her journey to escape Terminus and see the outside world with her own eyes.

After the conclusion of the third episode, it seemed like the game could have ended and left the conclusion open ended for the player to decipher. However, instead we are given God’s Acre, an expansion of storytelling in the interesting Republique universe.

The majority of this episode will place the player in a decrypted graveyard with maze-like features. Once again, Hope will come across documents that expand upon the happenings of the particular area while avoiding the newest nemesis in the series: Mammoth.

There’s an interesting tale to be had with Mammoth as he seems to be genetically modified by two crucial scientists in this arc. His extra sensory abilities will have you avoiding him for the majority of your time as he is always present no matter what location you stumble upon.

This provides a sense of added tension as you need to pay attention to his travel routes in order to proceed further in the game. Aside from Mammoth’s dual personality and banter against himself, there aren’t any other prominent figures until the conclusion of this episode.

As a direct continuation from where you left off, the player will have access to all of the abilities that were acquired throughout the previous experience. And these skills will be needed as you try evading Mammoth in the graveyard.

Surprisingly, there are cameras set up in what is suppose to be the “outside world” for your character to jump from, but I guess a sense of disbelief may be required in order for the game to tell its story.

Regardless of whether a fourth episode was needed, it was nice to have expanded content and story progression on not only Hope, but other characters that you’ve met in past episodes as well. The conclusion of this arc offers another cliff hanger for the upcoming fifth and final installment.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

Republique Episode 4: God’s Acre offers enough content for players wanting to find out more about the perceived outside world. I’ll be waiting for the next episode to roll out and see how everything will be resolved.


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