Wii U Review: Wind-up Knight 2

This game will really wind you up.

This game will really wind you up.

By: Matthew Striplen

Here we have a quaint little running game from Robot Invader, Wind-up Knight 2. Released on a multitude of platforms, including mobile, this game offers tons of simple yet challenging levels to conquer.

Wind-up Knight functions just like a real wind-up toy; once the spring is loaded, there’s no stopping him. As such, Wind-up Knight 2 is an endless runner, but with a wide array of obstacles to avoid. Platforming, item collection and basic combat all play important roles. However, the Knight’s energy depletes as he runs and performs other actions, so be sure to keep your eyes out for opportunities to replenish it.

Each level adds a few more features, starting with basics like jumping, attacking, etc. After a while, you’ll be dodging everything from flames and catapult fire to giant boulders and deadly spikes. If you manage to survive that onslaught, you might notice coins scattered in each level. Though the number of coins varies from level to level, collecting them all is required to achieve a 100 percent ranking.

And we’re not done yet! Every level has three optional missions, which range from collecting special items to not killing any monsters or even dodging “poisonous” coins. Each completed mission awards a shield to the player, which unlock further levels.

Shields earned by the main missions alone won’t be enough to get you through the game, so completing at least a handful of optional missions is a must. These extra missions up the difficulty quite a bit, so be prepared. However, having to beat the main mission first is a great way to acquaint the player with the map.

Each completed level awards players coins based on your performance, which can then be spent to purchase better gear. Most weapons and armor possess special abilities, such as extra health or protection from specific hazards, so players are free to create a setup that best suits their play style.

Wind-up Knight 2 doesn’t look too different from its predecessor, as the game employs the same quirky art style. The Knight definitely looks more like a toy than a real armor-clad warrior, but the overall design lacks personality, especially when compared to the fantastic beasts he must slay.

Sound design follows suit into the quirky. Although the Knight is clearly a toy, the sounds he makes upon death sound more like a beefy man grunting, rather than the small and unassuming toy that he appears to be. My only complaint is the relatively small library of music, though the awkward victory fanfare holds a special place in my heart.

Wind-up Knight 2 also supports up to four players, so don’t hesitate to grab your friends.


Wind-up Knight 2 is a great time waster. It’s the perfect game to pick up and play whenever you have a few spare minutes. The inclusion of so many optional missions and multiplayer ensures replayability stays high while also offering a great challenge to completionists.


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