Throwback Thursday: Win Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance!

D5AoVWhile most would consider the holiday season one of love and reconciliation, for those in the Netherworlds it’s time for revenge. So in keeping with their customs and traditions, we’re offering you a chance to win a copy of NIS America’s Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance on the PlayStation 4 so that you, too, can experience that revenge.

Please note that because these are physical copies of the game (not codes), you must be a resident of the US or Canada to enter.


We’re getting close to 2016, so, to enter, simply let us know what your Game of the Year for 2015 was in the comments section below. Make sure to include your @handle as well.

Sample Comment
Halo 5: Guardians


Winners will be selected on Thursday, December 10th. All entries must be submitted by 4 PM EST/1 PM PST on Thursday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter to win.

Good luck!


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181 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance!

  1. Meleina says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3D!!

    It was a ton of fun and I ended up putting in about 110 hours into it.


  2. xitchyx says:

    tales of zestiria

  3. Robert Basquez says:

    Rainbow Six Siege


  4. Brandroid says:

    Fallout 4

  5. Jia Min Liang says:


  6. Orenji (@JustinViCruz) says:


  7. Rockman47 says:

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  8. theemadgamer says:

    Fallout 4

  9. leo durak says:

    probably Fallout 4

  10. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  11. leo durak says:


  12. John says:

    Fallout 4

  13. cirno9fan says:

    Megadimension Neptune V II

  14. Jaime says:

    Story of Seasons

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. Cody Endres says:

    The Witcher 3

  16. rpmboy says:

    Fallout 4

  17. peterkoz says:

    Fallout 4

  18. Victor C says:

    Metal Gear Solid 5

  19. Call of Duty Black Ops 3

  20. Robert says:

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  21. cody says:


  22. Matt says:

    Rise of the Tombraider

  23. Ray chan says:

    Metal gear solid V

  24. Jack says:

    Metal Gear Solid V

  25. okiraan says:

    Fallout 4

  26. Rob says:

    Witcher 3

  27. Mike says:

    Witcher 3

  28. The J says:

    Destiny TTK

  29. Anthony says:

    Batman Arkham Knight

  30. Kevin says:


  31. Justin D. says:

    goty for me would have to be classed per system
    pc gw2 hot
    ps4 blood bourne

  32. Eric says:

    Dragon’s Crown

  33. Sean C says:

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  34. Kotomine says:

    Fallout 4


  35. GTAERgameing says:

    Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

  36. Troy says:

    Witcher 3

  37. A.B. says:

    Ori and the Blind Forest

  38. hestar69 says:

    Tough choice,I’m going to go with:

    1A) Bloodborne
    1B) Life is strange


    Fingers will be crossed Santa! I’ve been good all year!

  39. Troy says:

    The Witcher 3

  40. Wuvein says:

    Fallout 4

  41. Richard S says:

    Game of the year for me would be Metal Gear V Phantom Pain


  42. Grey Dybbuk says:

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (PS4)

  43. Xenoblade Chronicles X

  44. shadowcreep84 says:

    Sword Art Online: Lost Song

  45. shadowcreep84 says:

    Sword Art Online: Lost Song

  46. hsith says:

    Ori and the blind Forest

  47. Ron Valencia says:

    Witcher 3

  48. Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain

  49. Jose Miguel Requena says:


  50. Mir Teiwaz says:


  51. a. blanco says:

    Monster Hunter X

  52. ciddypoo says:

    Shin Megami Tensei – Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

  53. riarulette says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

  54. MarioGearSolid says:


  55. Rescinded says:

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky Second Chapter


  56. AmetDj says:



  57. Ashley says:

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

  58. Elder Scrolls Online

  59. Final Fantasy 14

  60. Luke Kotara says:

    Persona 4: Dancing All Night

  61. Tales of zestiria

  62. DSinferno28 says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

  63. soulstaker says:

    Senran Kagura: Estival Versus

  64. Darian says:


  65. Lori Graham says:

    Fallout 4

  66. Merio says:

    The witcher 3: wild hunt

  67. CBC Cook says:

    Witcher 3

  68. Justin Clark says:


  69. The Lord of Awesome says:

    Rocket League

  70. hemea0 says:


  71. Richard Carter says:

    Will have to go with The Witcher 3 but I loved how Life Is Strange is doing amongst others. 🙂

  72. Ties says:

    Tales of Zestiria

  73. Xenoblade Chronicles X

  74. Sebastian says:

    Tales of Zestiria

  75. Batman Arkham Knight

  76. Edwin says:

    Tales of Zestiria

  77. Jason says:

    Witcher 3!

  78. Gram says:

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  79. The Witcher 3

  80. Life is Strange

  81. bkjohns1 says:

    Witcher 3

  82. Marc says:

    The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC

  83. Chris H says:

    Fallout 4

  84. Leon says:


  85. J-Wood (@elmightybandito) says:

    Metal Gear V

  86. derek says:

    Fallout 4

  87. Dante says:


  88. Aileen says:

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

  89. Fallout 4

  90. Anastasia Falling says:

    Life is Strange

  91. Jordan Nance says:

    Fallout 4

  92. Mike monteleone says:

    Tales from the Borderlands

  93. John McCracken says:

    Ori and the blind forest

  94. Paul Bloyd says:

    Mortal Kombat X

  95. esreve12 says:


  96. Juan says:

    Witcher 3 (with Bloodborne a very close second)

  97. Dev says:

    The Witcher 3

  98. Chris says:

    Life is Strange

  99. Marc says:


  100. johnh says:


  101. Will says:

    Resident Evil Revelations 2

  102. Damien Daurio says:

    Rise of the Tomb Raider

  103. xatkx says:

    God Eater Resurrection

  104. kirielson says:


  105. SUPERBEAT XONiC, it was definitvely the VITA GOTY for 2015/2016.

  106. Mitch says:

    Metal Gear Solid V

  107. Richard Garcia says:

    Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

  108. Steph says:


  109. burgersama says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles X


  110. Fernando says:

    Hotline Miami 2

  111. David says:

    I haven’t got any ‘new’ games this year technically… -.-
    so uh
    3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2

  112. shiori01 says:

    Atelier Ayesha PLUS on PS VITA

  113. Nathan Bell says:

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

  114. Thomas Hayes says:

    The witcher 3


  115. Timothy Ray says:

    Fallout 4

  116. Eric Katechis says:

    Metal Gear V the Phantom Pain

  117. SplitReality says:

    Fallout 4

  118. Humberto says:

    Mario Maker


  119. potatochobit says:

    Atelier Ayesha PLUS for PS VITA

  120. link2999 says:

    The Witcher 3

  121. potatochobit says:

    Atelier Ayesha PLUS

  122. I would say witcher 3, it gave me so much fun this Summer!


  123. Joe Costanzo says:

    Stella Glow

  124. Ryan Beattie says:

    My handle on Twitter Tattoos_by_Rye

    I think the game of the year should go to disgea 5. There’s tons of possibilities in the game. Lengthy story mode with witty characters and amazing skillets to use on each character. I definitely spend a good amount of time playing the game and it’s non stop fun every time. The season pass was a good choice for extra content and characters from previous games which I also own btw lol. Number one in my book for sure.

  125. Paul Hilton says:

    Guilty Gear Xrd

  126. ScoobyScrub360 says:

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

  127. Leilani Arroyo says:

    Dragon Quest Heroes

  128. Hal says:


  129. Robert says:

    The Witcher 3


  130. Wisdom says:

    Tales of Zestiria. The soundtrack was boss and the game was fun.

  131. Nathaniel says:

    Fallout 4

  132. Splatoon! You can read my review at if you want to know why it’s my GOTY.


  133. Dravidian says:

    I only got one “new” game this year, but it was an absolute BLAST to play. Splatoon all the way my friends.


  134. exnizzle says:

    Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

  135. Zachary Roe says:

    Xenoblade Chronicles X

  136. Splatoon

    The sheer aesthetic, music, and concept is amazing; it’s also one of the few PvP based games I can claim to enjoy.


  137. Steve Lamothe says:

    Rocket league

  138. Kevin says:

    Trails in the Sky SC

  139. Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy


  140. Arkaes says:

    Norn9: Var Commons

  141. Rick says:

    Batman: Arkham Knight @NotRickLarson

  142. Felix says:

    Destiny TTK, only cause I made a bunch of new friends through it.

  143. GF-REX says:


  144. Ald says:

    Tales of Zestiria

  145. Ald says:

    Tales of Zestiria

  146. John says:


  147. rockinjs864 says:

    The witcher 3

  148. nikaidostar says:


  149. kfactor1469 says:

    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

  150. darklurkr23 says:

    Witcher 3

  151. rupyness says:


  152. Zachary Roe says:

    What ever happened to announcing winner(s)?

  153. castle crashers remastered

  154. Clayton O says:

    Witcher 3! @Las_Veg_Oz

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