PS4 Review: Deadpool

The visuals are somewhat better, but something is just off...

The visuals are somewhat better, but something is just off…

By: Jeff Cater

Please note this game is fundamentally the same one that was released in 2013 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. For our full review of the original game, click here.

Seems like Deadpool wasn’t satisfied being bound to those old, dusty last-gen consoles, so after he took a short break and produced roughly 48 quintillion pancakes he has made his return to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. But did he merely migrate? Or is this version of Deadpool the go-to standard bearer that he had hoped for?

Key Differences

This new edition of Deadpool is literally a direct transfer of the last-gen game, with the visuals slightly spruced up. Weirdly, however, the game now suffers from some pretty fun-killing performance issues. It seems that every time a new audio track starts, the game stutters and pauses for about a full second, which can really break up the otherwise fluid combat.

The game is still hilarious, thanks in no small part to the voice acting of Nolan North, and the humor injected into the two bonus DLC packs is just as sarcastic and smarmy as the vanilla game. There are also two new costumes that ol’ Wade can throw on and prance around in.

With the performance issues aside, the game is still a great and bloody romp through crowds of enemies and full of moments that break the fourth wall. Deadpool constantly complains that the developers spent more time stuffing their faces than giving him a sweet guitar prop, for instance.

Ultimately, if you missed the initial release on the last-gen platforms and are looking for a game that in no way takes itself seriously, this version of Deadpool is going to be absolutely fantastic (assuming they patch it). Otherwise, if you’ve previously played the game, there’s nothing of note to warrant a re-purchase, unless you sold your old system and simply must play it again or are the most diehard fan out there.

OVERALL (2.5/5)

Had there been more additional content and steadier performance, this Deadpool would be a must buy, as it pretty much was last-gen. In its current form, however, it’s advisable to wait for patch notes to come out before you plunk down the cash.


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