PS4/XB1 Review: The Jackbox Party Pack 2

Use as much or as little profanity as you'd like!

Use as much or as little profanity as you’d like!

By: Jeff Cater

During my early days of PC gaming there was a title that I was never allowed to play with the adults. Laughing, frantic yelling and celebratory hoots filled the room. Although I wasn’t old enough to join in on the fun, it was very clear to me that You Don’t Know Jack! was the king of party and trivia games.

And while The Jackbox Party Pack 2 doesn’t contain the classic YDKJ, it does include a bevy of stupendous party games that will test your drawing skills, knowledge and sense of humor.

Our first game in the pack is Fibbage 2, where each player has to construct a believable (but completely false) answer and let the other players decide which is which. Like most games in this pack, the most menacing and deceitful players will likely be on top of the board.

The next game up (one of my favorites in the pack) is a game purely dependent on just how funny you and your fellow players are. Quiplash XL presents somewhat of a joke statement, or basically a setup to a joke, and it’s up to the players to input the funniest answer.

Once the answers are submitted, each other player has to vote on which answer is the funniest one. Playing with my group of friends turned sophomoric rather quickly, as any answer quickly became some variant of “My asshole.”

Earwax is a game somewhat like Quiplash, but rather than answering questions you pick the “best” sound effects as answers. Being that this pack is a party game, it’s sometimes difficult to really pay attention to the sound effects as people are generally chatting up one another during play. As such it’s by far the most difficult game to actually pay attention to.

Up next we have Bidiots, which has players auctioning off poorly drawn pictures to appease a set of art collectors. Bidding on a piece awards the artist player some money that they then use to bid on art on the next player’s turn. Seeing exactly what people can churn out with their cell phones or DualShock 4 in a short amount of time is often hilarious.

Last but definitely not least is Bomb Corp, which presents four players with a bomb to defuse together. The trouble comes when each player is actually presented with their own set of instructions that often contradict another players’ directives. “It says to cut the BLUE one!” “NO! NO NO NO! That’s not even the right wire!”

All of these games work wonderfully with either the DualShock 4, or, get this, your cell phone. As mentioned above, you can use your cell phone in most of these games as an alternative/additional controller. Simply go to the menu in-game that presents a “Room Code,” get your friends to go to the Jackbox website, enter the code and voila, they’re buzzing in and drawing on their own phones that they’re comfortable with.

OVERALL (4.5/5)

With the holiday season drawing nearer every moment, you’re likely going to be being visited by friends and family. With The Jackbox Party Pack 2, you can ensure that the seasonal tidings will be an absolute blast this year. Whether you’re ready to punch your mother-in-law in the face because she’s about to cut the wrong wire, or trying to shield younger players’ eyes from grandpa’s racist answers in Quiplash, there’s no way you can go wrong by picking this up.

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