PC Review: The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut

Welcome back to Borgovia.

Welcome back to Borgovia.

By: Ted Chow

Welcome back to the world of Borgovia, Van Helsing is back yet again to retell not one, but all three of his adventures within a single entity. The main feature of the Final Cut is in the consolidated experience from one game to another — for a more comprehensive look at the gameplay, check out our review of Van Helsing III.

The developers have integrated a streamlined transition in order for chapters to play without having to boot up another game. This is perfect for new players to the series and great for those who already own the three titles as it is free DLC, so what’s not to love?

As far as the game’s content, the majority of the game plays out the same as the original trilogy. There are some new additions to the game such as daily quests, skill changes, increased level cap and a mini tower defense game.

Aside from the small refinements, however, Final Cut feels like a marketing attempt similar to packaging a game as a digital deluxe edition. This is fine as it free for owners of all three games, but it could be rather annoying for those that decided to skip one or two games in the trilogy.

OVERALL (3.25/5)

If you enjoy a good action RPG with features similar to Diablo III or Path of Exile, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut will offer the definitive edition for those that haven’t picked up on the series. There is tremendous value to pick up this edition over each game title individually, and the small additions are new content nonetheless.

Ultimately, there are only so many ways to repackage the same series without feeling a bit of fatigue, but if this is truly the end of the trilogy, then it can be safe to pick the series up if you like the hack n’ slash genre.


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