XB1 Review: Knight Squad

You would do well to make the most out of the weapon pick-ups.

You would do well to make the most out of the weapon pick-ups.

By: Jeff Cater

Knight Squad, developed by Chainsawesome Games (that’s really hard to type) is an eight-player (!!!) top-down brawler with several different game types to slay and be slayed in.


Knight Squad certainly doesn’t complicate much when it comes to controls; you move and aim with the analog sticks and attack with X. I don’t really know what else to say about this, the game is just easy to pick up and play. It is wort nothing that you cannot run backwards and attack at the same time, which puts every player at the same disadvantage and requires a bit of “push forward!” mentality.


This game is played from a top-down perspective, not unlike Gauntlet or Bomberman, which are two games that this is immediately reminiscent of. Knights waddle around the map comically, and weapon effects like the laser gun leave bright trails of death across the map. The sets of animation, while pretty limited, are well done and bring a wonderful undertone of humor to the mix of knights slaying one another, capturing grails and flags and such.

When it comes to the soundtrack, it’s not spectacular, but it is indeed effective at fulfilling the chaotic nature of the game. Amidst the break-beat tunes, knights will grunt and yelp when attacked. It’s not the richest audio experience, but it serves the purpose well.


Pure and simple, Knight Squad is all about chaotic combat. You and up to seven of your friends (or online enemies) can jump into a game and start kicking the tar out of one another. There are nine modes you can pick from, among them being tried-and-true selections like Capture the Flag, Last Man Standing and Team Deathmatch.

One of the best modes is clearly the Soccer variant, which sets a ball in the middle of the stage and has players hacking away and blasting one another in order to get the ball to the damn goal. Juggernaut mode is also very fun, as instead of a soccer ball in the center of the map there is a minigun. The player who picks up the minigun immediately becomes Public Enemy No. 1, and they then have to fend off the other seven players.

If you don’t happen to have enough players to fill the game, you can either play with AI filling the gaps or you can try one of the several single-player Challenges. While they’re indeed a challenge, fun isn’t really how I would describe them.


If you’re looking for a wonderful party game, Knight Squad can easily fill that void. Whether you’re playing with online friends or a house full of punchable shoulders, Knight Squad has a huge threshold of fun just waiting to be tapped into.


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