DLC Review: Contingency Plan (Invisible Inc.)

When plans go awry, contingencies are in place.

When plans go awry, contingencies are in place.

By: Ted Chow

Invisible Inc. is back and bigger than ever with the new Contingency Plan DLC. Relative to the original release, the Contingency Plan offers more options to the main campaign and custom maps. While not completely game changing to the overall formula Invisible Inc. enacts with its espionage turn-based nature, the DLC operates as the dessert to the main dish by offering more of the same.

Contingency Plan brings forth new agents that the player can bring onto the field. The four new characters are equipped with all new augments, and along with that come new ways to tackle the game in the earlier stages. And you may need the man power as new enemies are also introduced to combat your agents. From pulse drones to new daemons, the DLC provides plenty of new obstacles for your agents to evade.

On top of the fresh faces introduced, the field missions themselves will provide some new side missions and optional tasks with various rewards. Most of the rewards will pull from the new DLC augments, Incognita programs, and equipment. This gives more RNG to the already procedural maps and tasks assigned during the mission for greater the diversity.

The last noticeable feature would be the extended campaign feature that provides another 48 hours on the doomsday clock with escalating difficulty. The difficulty itself is increased from a maximum of 10 to 20 and new challenges will present themselves with the higher difficulty.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

Invisible Inc.‘s Contingency Plan provides some solid new content to an already established game. The content itself isn’t standalone, instead sprinkled throughout your playthrough, and those veteran gamers that know the game inside and out should find the content to be more noticeable. Overall, the new additions provide some more variety to the fundamental gameplay, and that’s always welcomed for a game that can be played countless times.


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