DLC Review: Balls of Glory (Zen Pinball 2)

Family Guy is one of the four shows featured in Zen’s Balls of Glory.

Family Guy is one of the four shows featured in Zen’s Balls of Glory.

By: Mike Chen

Zen Pinball has been on a roll (no pun intended) with introducing new licensed tables, and the Balls of Glory pack brings four popular Fox animated franchises to their world: Family Guy, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers and Archer.

Much like the popular South Park table, each of these licensed tables is built around familiar images, sound clips and music, meaning that if you’re already a fan of a particular program, chances are you’ll immediately take to these tables.

It is pinball, though, so there’s really only so much you can do in terms of interaction. Animated characters walk up and down the table, familiar elements (such as wheelchair-bound Joe rolling out the launch for Family Guy) are part of the design, and themed mini-games — a Zen staple — are available for each table.

While each table has its own set of design, they all vary in quality and difficulty. Bob’s Burgers is the most traditional pinball table while Family Guy and American Dad focus heavily on ramps. Archer is probably the most disappointing of the group, as its design is fairly sparse compared to other popular Zen tables.

The Balls of Glory pack feature both the good and bad of Zen Pinball: excellent controls, a range of camera options and generally smart license use round out the good while the bad features the usual suspects of repetitive audio and a bit of a cluttered view up top.

There is one caveat in that the pack is relatively expensive for Zen tables ($9.99), so if you’re only a fan of one or two of the featured shows, you may want to wait for them to be available individually.


Balls of Glory features four fun licensed tables of varying quality; it’s a must-buy if you’re both a pinball enthusiast and a fan of the shows. However, if you only like one of the featured shows or are on the fence on pinball, wait for a price drop or individual tables.


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