PC Review: Snail Bob 2

Why does Luke Snailwalker have a red light saber?

Why does Luke Snailwalker have a red light saber?

By: Ted Chow

Snail Bob 2 is a casual 2D indie platformer that is great for young kids to play with their families. Being a kid-friendly game, it is a good puzzler for growing minds to help with problem solving skills.

You will play as Bob, a snail who remembers that his grandpa’s birthday is today and decides to pay him a visit with a present. The game takes Bob on a journey through various levels in which the player must help Bob traverse the hazards.

Most of the interactions the player will be responsible for will vary by the level, but many will involve timing and precision. For example, Bob will continue to move forward, but if you click on him you can make him stop when needed. This comes in handle when creatures hoping to eat Bob meet the indestructible shell rather than the gooey skin.

Expanding upon the puzzles will require some repeats as the order of sequencing may be wrong and lead Bob to his demise. Fortunately, there’s no penalty for repeating the level nor do you have a finite number of lives before you have to start from the beginning.

The game’s motto is to continue to push progression forward and isn’t punishing to try different approaches to solving the level. Once a level is completed you will move onto the next with a score based on how fast you were able to solve the level. The level scores will add up to a final number at the end, though it’s actually more arbitrary than anything.

With only 25 levels and each following the same pattern through subsequent playthroughs, future attempts will become a matter of muscle memory and lose that initial novelty. The first playthrough can be completed within an hour or so and is a pretty short game reminiscent of children’s titles such as Putt Putt and Spy Fox.


If I was a parent seeking educational games, Snail Bob 2 is a harmless one that would offers moral values to growing minds. As a gamer, I ‘d most likely pass as it doesn’t cater to my personal tastes. Still, the game was solid in presentation and technical prowess, so kudos for offering an enjoyable title for kids in Snail Bob 2.


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