XB1/PC Review: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Super mega death missile barrage!

Super mega death missile barrage!

By: Ted Chow

The universe is full of love and bunnies! Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a 2D side scroller that brings some fun mechanics with mixtures from games such as FTL. If you enjoy exploration and micromanagement of your gumball spaceship, this game offers that in spades.

CONTROLS (3.75/5)

Offering multiple ways to play the game, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is pretty susceptive to a wide variety of controllers. From keyboard to controller, the options are enhanced with key binding features to fit your play style. Moving across the map is smooth, simple and uncluttered without superfluous amenities. Overall, it’s everything you would expect from a side scroller.


Vibrant with a retro feel, Lovers does well to capitalize on its unique color palette. With minimal and simple shapes to define both the ships and environments, the game looks to be accessible and friendly towards casual computer specs. The game also provides instantaneous appeal the moment you start the campaign with its absurdity and personality. The soundtrack is a thumping techno beat that harmonizes and is right at home with the art style.


With the unity forged by love and compassion threatened by anti-love forces it’ll be up to you and a friend to restore the love machine that keeps the universe in balance. With co-op features available (and recommended), you can share the fun with a friend or you can use the intelligent CPU to man the necessary stations of your ship. The player will travel from stage to stage collecting captured bunnies and upgrading your ship with interesting weapons and features.

The main draw of Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime would be the management of the player’s spaceship. Each portion of the ship has weapons, shield generations, thrusters and other features that need to be man either by the player or his companion.

This sense of micromanagement can be similar to FTL and brings about a unique sense of strategy. Not only do you have to move the ship across obstacles, but enemies can attack from multiple sides of the ship and will require players to re-station to the necessary side to deal with the threats. It is a nice microcosm of commanding a proper ship.

Expanding upon the spaceship management, upgrades can be acquired that will change the abilities of your turrets and utility stations. Turrets can become rapid-fire laser bullets, strong single-shot lasers or a giant ball and chain to name a few.

Utility stations, such as shields and thrusters, can also be upgraded to solid spiked shields and turbo thrusters. Ranking up will provide the player with additional spaceship varieties that offer different layouts to make replaying stages unique in approach and strategy.

Each galaxy encompasses multiple stages and a final stage that consists of a boss fight. To clear a stage, the player will have to save a number of bunnies to open up the locked warp portal. The boss fights were interesting and require the player to utilize a number of strategies to tackle them. Overall, each galaxy was unique and the boss fights memorable.


With an interesting title such as Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, how can you not already find the game massively appealing? The gameplay is unique in its composition, and the level of depth and strategy involved is much more than any initial impression. Ramping up the difficulty brings a more interesting challenge, and with co-op play available mighty fun times are ahead. Overall, a great indie title that everyone should play!


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