XB1/PS4 Review: Leo’s Fortune

I mustache you a question.

I mustache you a question.

By: Quinn Potter

He’s cute. He’s fuzzy. He has big expressive eyes and a mustache. What’s not to love? Join Leo the Fortunate as he jumps, climbs, swims, flies and rolls through the kingdom searching for his lost treasure of gold in Leo’s Fortune, a delightful indie platformer that’s made the leap from mobile to console.

CONTROLS (4.5/5)

Controls are short, sweet and easy to master. You can’t re-map and there’s no need to because they are simple enough already.


Graphics are super sharp. Each level of play is highly detailed. Jungle ruins, deserts, sea coves, a forest, a cave and more locations await exploration. As you traverse the jungle, shafts of light scatter randomly across the backdrop as they highlight the depth and texture of the ruins. Desert colors are well-chosen reds, tans, green, grays, browns and blues add to the dimension and believability.

Our main character, Leo, is essentially a very malleable pom-pom. (Cue squeal of “adorbs!”) He’s instantly loveable. His flexibility allows him to puff up, squeeze into different shapes, roll and fly. He can wiggle different parts of his fuzzy little spherical body, manipulate his mustache, or convey a surprising range of emotions with his eyes.

The soundtrack is a polite and sweet orchestral score that merrily moves you from one point of action to the next. At the end of every act, the action will pause for a few minutes so you can meet a new family member. Leo’s vaguely European accent and broken English introduces you to a wide variety of extended relations as he roams through the empire seeking his treasure.

Commentary on your actions is cute, especially as it’s relatively rare and said in Leo’s sweet accent. The highly polished graphics and sound were both glitch-free and added to the enjoyment of the game.

GAMEPLAY (4.25/5)

Once upon a time, there was a king known as “Leo the Fortunate,” because he had made a fortune in gold. The gold was stolen, however, and the thief left a trail of gold throughout the lands of your family. As the aqua-colored, mustachioed, fuzzy-headed King Leopold, it is your mission to slide, fly, float and glide through your kingdom to find the missing treasure.

As you navigate the 20 levels (and four bonus levels), you’ll get a nice back story on each of your family members. What a family! Every aunt, uncle and cousin seems to have a reason for deceiving you out of your gold. Rusty gears, spiky pits, tricky water features, deadly flying objects and tight spaces will challenge you to navigate your fuzzy self along the path that will help you collect gold coins and move successfully to the next level.

Collecting coins will unlock secrets and achievements. The levels will get progressively more challenging as you work through all five acts of the story. There are no local or online friends and no AI. This is just a straightforward single-player game that’s entertaining enough as it is. The game moves quickly and can be easily completed in an afternoon.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

Leo’s Fortune is a polished, family-friendly side-scroller for a single player that is both fun to play and fun to watch. The main character is endearing, the scenery is detailed and the gameplay is friendly yet challenging.


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