PS4 Review: I Am Bread

Subtle story hints in your environment: The homeowner is a pig!

Subtle story hints in your environment: The homeowner is a pig!

By: Jeff Cater

Known for making a specialty out of deliberately awkward games like Surgeon Simulator, the developers over at Bossa Studios have served us up a simple, much easier to digest challenge. I’m talking about I am Bread, a game in which you must comically heft your piece of bread across various surfaces in order to successfully come to a nice, toasted rest.

CONTROLS (3.75/5)

Now, influencing a piece of bread across a room doesn’t seem like the most difficult thing. If you actually think that, you’re an unrealistic moron. The bumpers and triggers all control a different corner of the piece of bread, and you can toggle a “grip” mode with the face buttons, each also assigned a corner.

Using the left stick you can swing your piece of bread, if gripped onto a surface, otherwise your slice will unwillingly scoot itself around. It all really boils down to gripping and flipping to negotiate obstacles such as refrigerators and decorative dishes. It makes no sense, but it makes all the sense it could considering that you’ve assumed the alias of a piece of bread.


There’s no mistaking this game cost approximately $7 to produce visually. All kidding aside, the look isn’t going to burn anyone’s eyes out. Objects in the environment are all generally destructible and pretty realistically break into pieces, but there’s very little detail in any of them.

It’s very easy to notice because you’re close to everything you encounter due to climbing around as a small piece of bread. The camera also stutters a lot when moved, so it’s much more comfortable to just find a good camera angle to work with for a while and switch it up when you’re at a vantage point like a bowling pin or arm rest.

As you can imagine, it’s a pretty quiet game other than the background music, which is just too epic to keep on for a prolonged amount of time. Destroying various objects yield pretty good sound effects, but if you’re trying to get the best score (in story mode) it’ll be hard to notice any noise because the campaign rewards finesse.


There are a few different modes to pick from right off the bat, first being the “Story” mode. This has you maneuver a piece of bread from its point of origin to its final destination, the Toaster. You’ll soon come to find out many things can be used as a toaster, such as a broken TV screen or malfunctioning stove. So flip your way around and feel free to get imaginative and improvise, because victory can be achieved in the weirdest places in I am Bread.

In the Story, you’re rewarded the best score for crafting the most edible piece of bread at the end of the journey, gauged by a meter at the top of the screen. You may also score bonus points if you find access to things like butter or jam, while avoiding things like broken glass and ants.

Then there is Rampage, which lets you control a baguette with a bad attitude, whose goal lies within the utter destruction of its surroundings. Bagel Race is also there, but the crazy physics of the game make that one easily skippable because it’s pretty difficult to actually enjoy. Free Roam mode is where you get some friends over and show off how fast you can get a bagel from the top of the fridge, to a skateboard, to your own decided goal: the cat box.

OVERALL (3.75/5)

There’s plenty of fun to be had in I Am Bread if you can get past the framerate chugs. There’s no mistake that it isn’t the most technologically sound title, and there’s tons that’ll go wrong (often comically so) with the physics engine, but flinging a baguette off of a ceiling fan and impaling a TV set is just PRO.


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