PS Vita Review: Amnesia: Memories

If you put it that way, you are truly a gentleman!

If you put it that way, you are truly a gentleman!

By: Uma Smith

When it comes to love, you’ll want to ensure that your memories are intact, especially in choosing the right partner. However, in Idea Factory’s first visual novel Amnesia: Memories, we have a main character that has lost her memories and finds herself transported between different worlds. Let’s take a look to see if this title will be considered…”unforgettable” to its audience.


With Amnesia: Memories being a visual novel, you’ll be reading through narrative and dialogue while choosing between options from time to time. That being said, you can choose either the physical buttons or the Vita’s touch screen to make such selections.

Either way, there’s nothing much to it as the controls are straightforward. However, the touch screen is probably the better option considering it’s more intuitive and simple to execute.


Visually, Amnesia has a very nice anime-art style incorporated with a great amount of detail behind the character designs. The colors are solid and vibrant on the Vita screen, thus leaving a lasting impression. However, the backgrounds do feel somewhat ordinary while the mostly static images can make the overall experience a little repetitive.

Fortunately, the original soundtrack of the game really complements effectively with the underlying atmosphere. On top of that, the Japanese voice acting does have a great degree of professionalism to add to the emotional realism.


Amnesia: Memories pits the main character, which has a spirit named Orion occupying her head, in a realm between different worlds. Consequently, she loses her memories because of his presence. Occasionally, snippets of her memories return, thereby pushing Orion out. As such, she’ll need to restore her ordinary life based on her daily interactions and experiences.

We follow the main character as she reacquaints herself during her relationships with five gentlemen. Basically, the choices that the player makes will determine who will be her boyfriend. The thing is that each of these gentlemen is occupying different worlds. There is Ukyo, who is in the Joker World, Shin, who is located in the Heart World, Kent in the Clover World, Toma in Diamond World, and finally Ikki in Spade World.

As expected, there are reaction prompts throughout the game that can affect how the story turns out as well as influence her parameters. Based on the responses you choose, the three gauges pertaining to affection, trust and suspicion will change.

It should be noted that the dialogue from some of these “gentlemen” can be pretty abrasive and rude. As such, you probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with such individuals in real life… or would you? This makes the whole experience more interesting and emotionally engaging.

Playing through Amnesia: Memories will probably take at least 24 hours depending on how fast of a reader you are. There are different main paths to take from the beginning with multiple endings. So there’s a lot of replay incentive here — and if you manage to complete all paths, a new one is unlocked.

Getting the best ending means that you’ll have to get both the main character and the route’s leading man to trust and fall in love with each other. Additionally, he must not learn that the main character is suffering from amnesia.

An added bonus to Amnesia: Memories are the two mini games: Air Hockey and Rock, Paper, Scissors. They’re not related to the main story other than you get to choose the opponent from the game, but it’s a nice way to add some variety.


Amnesia: Memories offers an engrossing and uplifting experience, considering it is a visual novel title focused on dating. With its interesting premise and beautiful atmosphere, players will find the gameplay to be a “memorable” one.


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