PS4 Review: Kung Fury: Street Rage

You can almost feel the Fury...

You can almost feel the Fury…

By: Jeff Cater

Slap your favorite ’80s montage music into your cassette player and get ready, because Kung Fury: Street Rage has spin-kicked its way onto almost every digital device you can think of (including the damn Commodore 64), and he needs your help to stop the Nazi menace.

Now, this game is barely there, but it’s all there, if that makes any sense. You “control” Kung Fury himself, but you don’t actually move around. Rather, you press left or right on the directional pad (or the left or right side of the screen on a touch-device) to punch in either direction. Enemies soon start swarming in from both sides of the screen and it’s up to you to stomp out Nazi fires.

Enemies come in a few varieties: there’s the run-of-the-mill standard lets-have-some-bratwurst Nazi, then there’s the super blond Nazi, and then, of course, there’s the female Nazi Kung Fu Experiment. Also, an arcade machine or two may just show up to try to kick you into the ground.

There may be a few more enemy types than this, but I didn’t last long enough. Hitler is probably there, too. See, the Nazis start flowing in endlessly until you’ve been bested. The more you crush the face off of, the higher your score multiplier goes. Miss a punch or get hit and you’ve got only a second or two to keep your combo string going.

Also, the construction of the game stays true to the universe painted by the movie of the same name in its look and sound design. The game straight-up looks like an old arcade game and sounds just like one, complete with chip-tunes and fuzzy voiceover. I mean, there really isn’t a reason this shouldn’t win GOTY. Nazis, Kung Fu, David Hasselhoff


Kung Fury: Street Rage is a $1.99 on PS4 or free, depending on there you want to play it at. So just go. Kick. Spread justice. Win.


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