XB1 Review: Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition

When GOATZ ruled the Earth!

When GOATZ ruled the Earth!

By: Quinn Potter

They’re baaaaaack. Double Eleven is at it again, serving up another cup of brew, just the way you like it — wild and weird. Remember the wacky, wonderful world of being a goat from Goat Simulator? I know, how could they possibly top that, right? Well, add more goats… and zombies, and then call it Goat Simulator: Mmore Goatz Edition!

CONTROLS (4.5/5)

All the classic controls are here – go forwards, backwards, lick, head butt. These are easy to find and use. In the MMO version, there are a wide variety of new and different abilities. For example, instead of “baa-ing” in tank mode, you butt slam. (Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.)


Graphics are the same as before – not great. It looks like a game that might have been configured for a PC, but it comes across as mediocre on an Xbox or other engines that can display much sharper images. There are so many amazing new features that the fuzzy graphics detract from the enjoyment. Bummer.

The game, previously known for near-constant glitches has moved to even higher dimensions of glitchiness (Was that even possible?!). We expect glitches from these folks, so that’s actually ok. The glitches ensure the steady stream of hilarity.

Let’s take the boat ride. Boat A: Zombie Version: You’re a goat. You hop into a motorboat that’s being steered by a person. You have to lick the boat to stay on it. Really. After licking the boat, it will go incredibly fast, go off a jump, fly over an island colony, then glitch through multiple rocks before docking back where it started. (The driver, meanwhile, falls over mid-ride. Go figure.) Trippy stuff.

Boat B: MMO Version: You’re a goat. You hop into a small rowboat for two. There’s room for you (the goat) and the person rowing. The rower rows. And rows. Very, very slowly. He gently bumps into a rock. He rows faster, faster, and faster while stuck on the rock. Suddenly, the rowboat takes off across the landscape, through a forest, over the hills, and into the Renaissance (but that last part is another story).

Soundtrack is a bit weaker in this version (really, guys, you could have changed it up a bit). The goat sounds are still awesome, but some of the other creatures’ sounds are downright annoying (harvester robots in the gold fields, for example).

GAMEPLAY (4.25/5)

So, obviously, from the name MMOre GoatZ Edition this time you have a farce of an MMO. You’ll be heatbutting and buttslamming your way through the Renaissance. To pick a class, you’ll choose among tank, wizard, hunter, rouge – or microwave.  Each class has different skills, of course, and you’ll have plenty of fun exploring the options.

True to the MMO premise, you’ll receive a series of tasks/quests, updates on health, and an amusing chat channel (complete with players begging you to “join our guild”). Everything is just part of the set, however, not really connected. The chat repeats itself, your levels never impact your abilities, and the tasks you are assigned are somewhat meaningless.

Your true task is to simply wreak havoc and enjoy yourself, which you surely will. The more you explore, the more glitchy surprises you will find. (And you can play this locally with friends, so they can help.)

The “Z” part of MMOre GoatZ Edition is a play on DayZ. In this post-apocalyptic world, you’ll need a constant supply of food to survive. Zombies mindlessly drift through the city. You’ll want to avoid them, of course, or you will be infected. If you get hit enough times by zombies, you will die. When you re-spawn, you’ll start over from Day One.

It sounds pretty basic, but this can be endlessly amusing as you glitch through walls and use your hastily crafted mini-guns while the uninfected people party like there’s no tomorrow.

In “Z” mode, you’ll choose from three playing options: infect people with the virus, try to survive, or just roam around the city and have fun smashing things. In the city, you can explode out of cannons, fall down the endless pit, knock around some aliens, act like an actual goat (achievement: act like a goat), drive go-carts, go on bizarre boat rides and more.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

MMOre GoatZ Edition is not DLC, an extension, or an updated version of Goat Simulator. This is a stand-alone game that has tons of humorous surprises to discover as you gallop through parodies of MMOs and zombie-apocalypse survival games. It’s great fun for an afternoon with friends and it doesn’t matter if any of you have played Goat Simulator or not.


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