PS4 Review: Abyss Odyssey Extended Dream Edition

This poor soldier is in a positive world of hurt.

This poor soldier is in a positive world of hurt.

By: Jeff Cater

Back in mid-2014, the folks over at ACE tucked us into a rather intentionally devilish nightmare. Now they’ve brought the night terrors to the PlayStation 4 with Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition, where they forgot to replace the word “Dream” with “Nightmare.”

In Abyss Odyssey: EDE, you still control an entity that was produced by the dreams of a sleeping Warlock and will run among the familiar environments from the first game, though they are still generated on the fly to keep a fresh feel even after multiple playthroughs.

With the game’s original release coming on the PlayStation 3 (and Xbox 360), it did have a few graphical hiccups here and there — the framerate would take a hit when a lot of enemies crowded the screen, and even have some hitches running through sections with no enemies apparent. This has been mostly rectified with its 1080p upgrade, but there are still some noticeable hits made apparent by the scrolling of the backgrounds.

Gameplay has been enhanced as well, giving each of your nightmarish heroes a few enhanced moves and some new pieces of equipment to dawn. The primary objective of the game remains unchanged, do your damndest to defeat the Warlock before his dreams consume the world.

As the whole community playing the game progresses, new pieces of the Warlock’s mask will break off and provide new challenges for anyone playing, which is a really neat feature that encourages the community to absolutely pound the crap out of this game.

Combat still feels a touch sloppy, as it’s hard to discern when an enemy is really going to interrupt your attack with their own, and they can seemingly pull “Ex-Moves” that break through your own attack and send you flying. Every enemy does indeed have a pattern, so there’s much trial and error ahead, but it’ll truly teach you how to contend with each and every foe successfully.

If you need a break from ridding the world of nightmares, there is a four-player versus mode that has been added that plays very closely to Super Smash Brothers, albeit with a weighty, deliberate feel to the combat. It certainly won’t pull giant crowds, but the diversion is welcome. Plus, the variety of selectable challengers is wide and interesting, so you’ll have civil war era soldiers fighting gigantic fiesta-demons. Yep.

OVERALL (3.5/5)

Like the previous iteration, Abyss Odyssey: Extended Dream Edition still suffers from an identity crisis, containing regular elements found in RPG, brawler, roguelike and platforming games all mishmoshed into one. It doesn’t truly excel in any one area, but the blend is satisfactory and provides a unique experience.


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