Throwback Thursday: Win State of Decay YOSE on XB1!

SoD YOSEWith Comic-Con bringing an awesome trailer for Fear the Walking Dead it seemed like a good time to dip into the code vault and pull out Undead Labs’ State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition for Xbox One — as if we need an excuse for some zombie action. So, watch your six, and let’s win some games!


To enter, let us know what your favorite zombie show/game/comic/movie is in the comments section below (just one, not one for each). If you’re on Twitter, please include your @handle as well. If not, just make sure the email address you use when entering is valid.

Sample Comment
Resident Evil


Winners will be selected on Thursday, July 23rd. All entries must be submitted by 4 PM EDT/1 PM PDT on Thursday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter or submit a working email address to win.

Good luck!


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128 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win State of Decay YOSE on XB1!

  1. louiedog says:


  2. Jordan Poet says:

    Favorite zombie game in recent years was actually State of Decay on the 360. Would love it for the one though! @jpoet1291

  3. Justin Moore says:

    The Walking Dead

  4. zerop1 says:

    Walking Dead

  5. sp1d3r0wnz says:

    I would say black ops 2

  6. Austin says:

    Left 4 Dead 2

  7. Night of the Living Dead

  8. FineMaltLiquor says:

    Dying Light

  9. Kevin says:

    The walking dead

  10. Guilherme Maranhao says:

    The Walking Dead

  11. Resident Evil 4

  12. Kevin Pacheco says:

    The Walking Dead

  13. chris says:

    Walking Dead

  14. jakemontgomery2013 says:

    State of decay is the best zombie game duh!

  15. Jack says:

    The Last of Us

  16. rockinjs864 says:

    The walking dead


  17. Steven says:

    Dawn of the Dead

  18. Michael Coder says:

    Resident Evil

  19. Vanessa says:

    Dead Alive

  20. Eric says:

    Walking dead

  21. James M says:

    Resident Evil 3

  22. Resident Evil

  23. Paul Bloyd says:

    Shawn of the Dead. If novel was an option I’d say World War Z.

  24. okiraan says:

    Shawn of the Dead

  25. Leon says:

    The Walking Dead

  26. redonkakous_ says:

    Night of the living dead

  27. Kash says:

    My favorite zombie movie Pro Wrestlers vs Zombies!

  28. Jia Min Liang says:

    Walking Dead

  29. Matt says:

    Dead Rising

  30. The Walking Dead

  31. hestar69 says:

    Game:Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse!


    Movie:Zombieland (I’ve never hit a kid before)


  32. Ian says:

    The Walking Dead

  33. The Return of the Living Dead (movie)

  34. ShareTheGlobe says:

    Killing Floor (game)

  35. Tony says:

    Zombies Ate My Neighbours

  36. alexgo says:

    Shaun of the Dead

  37. Brenda Zhao says:


  38. Mardagg says:

    My favorite Zombie series are Resident Evil, both as games and movies.

  39. Resident Evil 2

  40. Bo says:

    The Walking Dead

  41. sbecerra407 says:

    Dead Island


  42. jakob5252 says:

    Left 4 Dead 1

  43. Kay says:

    28 Days later

  44. bluevafe says:

    Dead Island

  45. Ben Chan says:

    The Walking Dead

  46. Calypso says:

    Left 4 Dead

  47. Adrian says:

    Walking Dead, I can’t wait for season 6!

  48. Grunty says:

    Resident Evil

  49. doomedtolive says:

    Shaun of the Dead

  50. Wen says:

    Shaun of the Dead

  51. matt shaver says:

    Left 4 dead 1 and 2 duh lol

  52. Dawn of the Dead

  53. Gram says:

    The Walking Dead

  54. Steven B says:

    My favorite zombie game is Killing Floor!

  55. Ryan says:

    The Walking Dead

  56. Ste Monk says:

    Night of the Living Dead

  57. Kryptozone says:

    Dead Rising

  58. Cemetery man (Dellamorte Dellamore)

  59. The Walking Dead – Comics

  60. sayhitoramiro says:

    Resident Evil 2

  61. sayhitoramiro says:

    Resident Evil REmake HD

  62. Janice says:

    Shawn of the Dead

  63. notjigsaw says:

    Dawn of the Dead

  64. Mark Wuensch says:

    The original Dawn of Dead by George Romero will always be my favorite zombie movie.

  65. Somer says:

    Night of the Living Dead

  66. Arthar says:

    Resident Evil 2

  67. The Walking Dead

  68. Nolan Goss says:

    Dead rising series

  69. Mastastic says:

    My favorite zombie movie of all time is Shaun of the Dead.

  70. noemiii323 says:

    I liked the Walking Dead tv show but I liked the Resident Evil movies as well so I can’t choose haha.


  71. Andrew says:

    Dead Island

  72. Anthony mercado says:

    The walking dead tv show

  73. JL says:

    House of The Dead

  74. Zach says:

    Dawn of the Dead

  75. Jake DeLong says:

    Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies

  76. Troy says:

    The walking dead

  77. Roger says:

    The Walking Dead

  78. Thomas says:

    The Walking Dead (show/telltale games)

  79. Jose diaz says:

    The strain. @swifty2123

  80. The Walking Dead

  81. RWitts says:

    Any of the Evil Dead Series

  82. Brad Zywicki says:

    The Walking Dead


  83. Drew says:

    Any of the COD Zombies

  84. Sorven says:

    The Walking Dead from Telltale games was my favorite since it really did a great job of creating tension in a branching story.

  85. Anthony says:

    Shaun of the Dead

  86. Black Ops Zombies is probably where I have spent most of my zombie killing time and I love it! Used to have “Zombie Nights” back during my college days every Thursday nights with my buddies : D

  87. Ulises Trabazo says:

    Resident Evil

  88. Saul L says:

    Favorite zombie movie if 28 Days Later. @SwtP1983

  89. Dead Alive
    Thanks for the contest

  90. Rirse says:

    Probably either Shuan of the Dead or Dead Rising. I like zombie stuff with small humor, but also still dark.

  91. Cong Nguyen says:

    Walking Dead

  92. My favorite zombie movie has to be ZombieLand, I could watch that over and over.
    Twitter handle is @chuckuykendall

  93. JT says:

    The Walking Dead

  94. Matthew Hill says:

    Not sure if it count as a zombie related movie but my vote goes to I Am Legend (Director’s Cut Version)


  95. tomatoartillery says:

    Resident Evil

  96. Blake says:

    Left 4 Dead 2.

  97. Matt says:

    Plants vs Zombies : Garden Warfare

  98. 28 Days Later/28 Weeks Later

  99. Shaun of the Dead

  100. Phillip says:

    28 Days Later series.

  101. Morgan says:

    The Walking Dead

  102. Chris says:

    State of decay!

  103. Haseeb says:

    Dawn of the Dead (Remake)
    For some reason just loved the atmosphere and overall characters in that movie.

  104. The Walking Dead by Telltale Games

  105. Daniel Johnson says:

    The Walking Dead

  106. Braden Buzard says:

    The Walking Dead ^_^

  107. Daniel Pautov says:

    The walking dead for sur!

  108. Andy says:

    The Walking Dead! 🙂

  109. Thomas says:

    28 days later series for sure.

  110. Nathan Allum Greenfield says:

    State of Decay

  111. DrPixel says:

    The Walking Dead

  112. Greg says:

    The Walking Dead

  113. Anthony says:

    Dead Rising!

  114. Brandroid says:

    28 days later.

  115. Leandro says:

    Resident Evil

  116. Eric says:

    The Walking Dead, both for the show and the Telltale Games adaptation in video games. I also love the Dead Rising series too though.

  117. Unmasked Bandit says:

    The Walking Dead

  118. Cameron says:

    The Walking Dead

  119. Peter S says:

    the walking dead

  120. Jeff Morgan says:

    Dead Rising 3

  121. Nate says:

    Call of Duty Zombies

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