PC Review: Miner Warfare

Dig all day, shoot all night.

Dig all day, shoot all night.

By: Ted Chow

Miners be warned: this game contains excessive use of pickaxes, laser cannons and additional weapons of death to harm other miners. Miner Warfare is quite the interesting indie title that brings a group of friends together so that you can fight for glory and points at the end of the round. With a simplistic design that focuses on up to eight-player co-op, Miner Warfare provides a great deal of entertainment with just one copy of the game.

If you are looking for a game that follows an artistic style similar to The Binding of Isaac or Super Meat Boy, Miner Warfare definitely caters to that established fan base.

CONTROLS (3.25/5)

Miner Warfare offers both keyboard and controller support for eight-player slugfests. If you want to play with more than two people, it is recommended that you have a couple controllers as there just aren’t enough inputs on a keyboard to support three players, let alone eight.

Depending on the monitor or TV that you use, it can feel a bit claustrophobic and silly to sit in front of a small monitor if you intend to play with others. As there isn’t online multiplayer, it is worth noting that there isn’t any AI to take the other seven slots.


Don’t expect high fidelity graphics out of Miner Warfare, as the main focus of the game is on the experience rather than the aesthetics. As far as pixel graphics goes, Miner Warfare fulfills the standard without bombarding the player with extraneous detail.

As noted, depending on your display monitor, the game can feel microscopic at times as the game maps tend to be enormous. The soundtrack was lighthearted in nature and is rather appropriate for bringing a party of friends over.


Miner Warfare is a 2D battle arena for you and your friends. You will control a little miner dude that will mine the surrounding dirt for gold and treasure chests. Treasure chests provide you with additional gold or a plethora of weapons to decimate your friends with.

The main goal of every round is to collect as much gold and kills as possible before the timer runs out. At the end of the round there is an endgame score that will award players for achieving certain milestones within the round, similar to Mario Party games.

Miner Warfare is pretty minimalistic in offering additional content, but there are a few things to add to the experience, albeit minor ones. The game comes with around 20 battle arena maps with the ability to select random.

Small customization options are available for your miner and are mainly used as a way to help differentiate your character from that of your friends. Lastly, you can choose what items will drop out of a chest in the item drop selection of the main screen.


While Miner Warfare has the potential to bring friends and family together for a good time, unless you have seven that want to play the game with you the novelty can and will expire quickly. Miner Warfare has some intrinsic charm and gameplay, but obvious oversights hinder the game from being all it can be.


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