PC Preview: Darkest Dungeon

As the party descends into madness, what horrors awaits these adventurers?

As the party descends into madness, what horrors awaits these adventurers?

By: Ted Chow

Gather your companions, steel your mettle and prepare to traverse the twisted labyrinths of the Darkest Dungeon and the horrors that await you. Maintaining the brutality of what made the roguelike genre popular today; Darkest Dungeon gives careful homage to random dungeon exploration and is a true testament and cornerstone to how a game should approach the roguelike genre.

With impending doom literally written in the game’s introductory disclaimer, can you make the best out of what will inevitably be bad situations? What or who are you willing to sacrifice for progression and to live another day?

In Darkest Dungeon you will set out to explore your long abandoned estate and restore the honor of your house through banishing the evil that has crept into the heart and soul of your realm. With a ragtag group of inspiring adventurers, you will succumb to the horrors that lie within the dungeons, all the while preserving the short-lived sanity of your compatriots in battle.

No amount of preparation can help when death lies in wait with each step and the gruesome reality and stress that you may not make it out alive. While torches and supplies may provide the illusion of safety, evil will test the deepest resolve of your party, and this is what provides Darkest Dungeon with a unique play experience. It is often said that the true nature of a person’s soul is shown at death’s doorstep, and that is most relevant here.

All isn’t gloom and doom, luckily, as your town hub will act as a center for equipping your adventurers with items and providing other therapeutic activities for the stress incurred in the dungeons. Skills, equipment and buildings can be upgraded, your roster can be managed and needed time off can help remedy your adventurer’s afflictions for the right price of gold.

As time progresses, however, the dungeons will become ever more difficult and managing your gold will become just as difficult as preserving the lives of your party. But that is the nature of Darkest Dungeon, a flicker of light in an endless ocean of darkness.

With the game still in early access and new features, adventurers and dungeons continuing to be added to make an already awesome game more awesome, the quality and direction of the development is surely something you should stay updated on.

As it stands now, the game feels like a polished product compared to other early access builds I’ve played and that is commendable in its own right. Be sure to follow the game’s development as Darkest Dungeon is a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded genre, and I am sure it won’t disappoint once it goes live.


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