PC Preview: Rogue Galaxy

Come on Chewie, hit the hyperdrive!

Come on Chewie, hit the hyperdrive!

By: Casey Curran

Not being experienced with flight sim games, I was not sure what exactly to expect with Rebel Galaxy. So after investing some time with the game, I was surprised to find most of my familiarity derived from the sailing aspects in the Assassin’s Creed series. The game strangely does not employ the Z axis into its piloting, having you steer only as though you were on a solid surface.

The preview build offered a series of different objectives while piloting. These consisted mostly of fetch quests, but they did also include some combat and mining portions as well. Though in all fairness, the mechanics are complex enough that simply moving from point A to point B is enjoyable.

Traveling is based around getting clear to travel to warp speed, which is vital if you want to cover any real ground. Warp speed can be interrupted by asteroid belts, planets and enemy ambushes, which throw monkey wrenches into simply moving around in a fun way, though I am unsure whether this would get annoying when playing the game over long stretches of time.

While combat does have some enemies who die out pretty easily, most of the ones I encountered took quite the number of hits. This combined with your weapons having distinct strengths and weaknesses means that you will need to constantly alternate between them to get the upper hand on your opponent.

Your ship’s position is by far the most important part of combat, however, as it decides what weapon is effective and how it is effective, as well as whether your opponent can hit you. However, the game is vague with showing your health details, which makes combat feel more confusing than it should.

Meanwhile, the universe provided both looks and feels very similar to those in the Starcraft games, offering slightly cartoony character models and voices, which helps make them pop out. The few characters’ I encountered had personalities with glimpses of being fun, but as is they were not too memorable.

Speaking of glimpses of depth, while I did not experience much ship customization during my time, the menus indicated this would be a key element of the game later on, as well as that it would provide plenty of options in the full game.

Overall, Rebel Galaxy has fun core gameplay mechanics, which could possibly wear out their welcome rather quickly, an okay world with signs of improving over time and a lot of potential in its customization options. The preview made me cautiously optimistic on the final product.


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