Product Review: HyperX Fury Pro Gaming Mouse Pad

Sleek to the touch.

Sleek to the touch.

By: Ted Chow

If you’re serious about professional gaming, then you know how important certain peripherals may be to your career. Custom keyboards, slick mice and headsets are always being advertised by the more recognizable brands. However, there isn’t all too much talk about mouse pads, especially out of a brand like HyperX, which is probably better known for their headsets than their other peripherals.  Retailing at around $19.95 USD depending on your size selection, the HyperX Fury is a nice addition to the HyperX lineup of core gaming essentials.


Depending on the size of the mouse pad you’ve ordered (I’m guilty of not reading the sizes of these mouse pads), the box will vary in size, but there isn’t anything additional you would receive. The mouse pad is all you get with no other setups or instructions; I mean, it is a mouse pad after all…


With a slick cloth feel and natural rubber for comfort and stability, the HyperX Fury would be called a pro gamer’s mouse pad. Unlike other consumer brands, the HyperX Fury is planned with the idea of extended use by the gamer, and that is one important factor in any purchase.

Whether you’re playing Call of Duty and need some quick turns with your mouse, or grinding digital currency in an MMO, I didn’t feel like I was developing Carpal Tunnel, though it’s probably wise to take breaks in between sessions regardless.

The rubber allows for some pressure sensitivity and offers a natural shock absorber if you ever feel the need to pound your fist into your mouse pad out of anger or something. The only complaint I would have would be the edges as it could have been beveled some more to reduce the irritating, scratching feeling when your wrist slides across the edge.


The quality of the HyperX Fury is good overall, but I do feel it may be tailored towards specific type of mice rather than all-purpose ones. Testing between a gaming and consumer mouse, the consumer mouse didn’t respond all too well to my movements. There were instances where I would move the mouse, but the slickness of the material and the fast movement of my mouse wouldn’t be registered on screen.

I tested the same mouse with other mouse pads to which I didn’t notice similar issues. Testing a gaming mouse gave me a better experience overall with no noticeable problems. I would definitely make sure your mouse is up to par as your experience may vary and it may not be because of the mouse pad.


The HyperX Fury is a cost efficient mouse pad for those that want to pick up a peripheral to go along with their gaming rigs. Compared to other brands that tend to be pricier, albeit feeling almost similar, the HyperX Fury can be a great alternative for those on a fixed budget.


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