Throwback Thursday: Win Final Fantasy Type-0 HD & FFXV Demo!

FFT0Whenever we miss a week for whatever reason — in this case, the flu — we like to come back strong the next week with prizes that reek of even more awesomeness than usual. With that in mind, we’re teaming up with Square-Enix to give you a chance to win a copy of their brand new title, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD! Not only that, but these codes will also get you the Final Fantasy XV –Episode Duscae- demo!

So, let’s spike up that hair and dust off your humongously oversized sword… it’s winning time!


While I think we can all agree that Final Fantasy is one of gaming’s greatest series, everyone has their own tastes. So, to enter, simply tell us which is your favorite Final Fantasy game and why in the comments section below. Please include your console preference (Xbox One or PlayStation 4), and, if you’re on Twitter, add your @handle as well. If not, just make sure the email address you use when entering is valid.

Sample Comment
Final Fantasy Tactics — Awesome story, turn-based combat and the Job system


Winners will be selected on Wednesday, March 25th. All entries must be submitted by 4 PM EDT/1 PM PDT on Wednesday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter or submit a working email address to win.

Good luck!


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216 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win Final Fantasy Type-0 HD & FFXV Demo!

  1. wilflare says:

    Final Fantasy VII – I really enjoyed the Materia system! Endless chain of summons “Knights of the Round Table” that fully replenishes all health and mana? 😀 yes!
    PlayStation 4

    thanks for doing this 😀

  2. hestar69 says:


    That ending makes me teary eyed every time I watch it 😥

    I love all FF games though even the 13 trilogy which people seem to hate,lol 😛


  3. Dissidia: Final Fantasy — Great gameplay, unique take on a crossover fighter, hugely enjoyable local multiplayer

  4. Michael says:

    I actually don’t have a favorite because I’m new to the series. Really want to play the demo and Type-0 HD in order to see what it’s all about 🙂

  5. Final Fantasy VII – When I was a kid I found a PC version of this game at Costco. I begged my parents to get this game as it was the first FF game I’ve ever played. It made me love JRPG games a lot and will never forget that experience. First love and favorite forever!

  6. Kryptozone says:

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call – I’m a big sucker for rhythm games and this one has a huge selection of great songs.

  7. erika101010 says:

    FFVII – possibly the most multi-layered story they’ve ever written that was coherent & haunting. It was my first FF game & years later, I walked down to the aisle to Aerith’s theme. Huge part of my life.

  8. Final Fantasy 7- played the crap out of it, so many great memories with that game

  9. Anastasia Falling says:

    Final Fantasy VII – The story & graphics kept me up for days! Had to keep playing until I got to the end! 🙂

  10. Anthony Sprotti says:

    Final Fantasy VII – Because, Sephinroth

  11. Mark says:

    Final Fantasy IX: Something about this one got me in a way neither VII or VIII could at time, and I still feel that way about it. I find every part of it nearly unforgettable.

  12. Jax says:

    FFVII! The game which invented the trippy church scene.

  13. hsith says:

    Final Fantasy 10! because it was the first FF that has voiced dialogs, and the soundtrack is amazing!.

  14. lunskie says:

    Final Fantasy V – great story, great battle system, Clash on the Big Bridge is still one of my favourite battle themes

  15. rockinjs864 says:

    I would have to say curtain call was one of my favorites

    XB1 or PS4


  16. Alex says:

    It was my first Final Fantasy game and I loved every second of it.
    The introduction of the ATB system, Golbez is a great villain, likeable party members and my favorite soundtrack of the entire series. While the story is a little cliché, it has great pacing and is filled with epic moments.


  17. Scott Steuck says:

    FFVII The story is great.

  18. FFVII cause of Cloud and Yuffie.

  19. Marco says:

    Final Fantasy 7. It was the first one that I’ve ever played and I was hooked!

  20. Kevin Stern says:

    Final fantasy VI because you get to perform in an opera. Plus, negotiations only work best if you give and take.

  21. Rachel says:

    Final Fantasy X. The story is amazing.
    The sphere grids and battle system was great. Leveling up everyone so high that you were able to break the damage limit and kill Jecht with one hit was badass. One of the first games I put 100+ hours into.


  22. Joe Lennon says:

    FF VIII, as great as 7 was i just couldn’t get enough of 8, still play it on my vita, perfect RPG

  23. tony says:

    A charming world with a lighthearted story, and full of things to do that will keep you going for a good while and another reason is simple just i love it

  24. Eelcire says:

    Final Fantasy IV is still my favorite among the series for the characters and the overall story. Riding and whales and trips to the moon!

  25. Picking a favorite is hard… I have so many lingering near the top of the pile… VI, VII, VIII, IX, XIII…
    But I think I still have to give it to Final Fantasy IV. It’s one of, if not the first FF game that really had actual characters for your party rather than relying on generic warriors and a “job” type system. The characters are all memorable in their own ways and the story is a fantastic rollercoaster that spans several “worlds”. Top all of that with summons, ninjas, and spoony bards, and it’s still my favorite.


  26. Devin says:

    FF8 – It was the first one I ever played.

  27. bipple305 says:

    FF7- It’s the one that started it all for me. After that I was hooked and my social life was never the same 😀

  28. Mike says:

    FF Tactics Advance: It was my 1st FF game I ever played. I enjoyed the tactical turn base of the game.

  29. Paul Bloyd says:

    Final Fantasy VIII. It was the first game that showed me that video games could be as good a form of storytelling as anything. No only my fav FF, but possibly my fav game of all time.

    Xbox One

  30. The sample question is my answer! But yeah, FFT for sure because of the complex storytelling and deep job system. I’ve also replayed the game a crazy amount of times (and bought it 4 times… on 4 different systems).


  31. Steve says:

    Final fantasy 7 as it was the first final fantasy I played. It’s just nostalgia but I can always go back and play it and enjoy it like it was 17 years ago

  32. Brandroid says:

    Final Fantasy X – mostly because its the only one I’ve ever played!

  33. Dan says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics — Great story, characters, depth of battle system, music, customization/job system, and much much more

  34. zerop1 says:

    FFTactics/FF6/FFXI/FFType-0 HD
    4 way tie. I honestly can’t pick just one. The unique thing about FF is that it’s mostly a different experience each game, more so in the latter games. Tactics/FF6 because of the story and customization. FFXI because of the characters and I have some sort degree of separation between them. Lastly Type-0 because anything that has a reference to my username such in the case of Class Zero is Awesome!

  35. John Huzar says:

    Final Fantasy VI, it had the best dual worlds, and the most epic story and villain.

  36. damond jenkins says:

    final fantasy 8
    First final fantasy that I completed and was engrossed in the story. What’s cooler than gunswords.
    Xbox one

  37. FF7 – It was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played and completed. The story was one of the best I have ever seen in any video game.


  38. rangerike says:

    Final Fantasy 4, I liked all of the characters in it and how Cecil overcame his hardships and became a paladin.

  39. JAgamer says:

    Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn — One of the better MMOs I’ve ever played. I’ve come back to it several times and it is as addicting as ever.

  40. henrykeiser says:

    Final Fantasy Xiii-2 because of Lightning and that you can decide and take some options that are not available in the past titles

  41. Patrick says:

    Final Fantasy XII — loved the world of Ivalice. XII by far had the most coherent, mature story, world, and subject matter of all the Final Fantasy games. XII also had the most organic gameplay experience. If you took the time to do all the side-quests & hunts between main-quests there was never any reason to grind.

  42. Jia Liang says:

    Final Fantasy VII — first ever played final fantasy, long story line, wicked villian

  43. My favorite is FFVI for the great villain Kefka and the strong female lead Terra. It was also my second FF so it scratched the familiar nostalgia itch but was expanded beyond FFIV which was my first FF game 🙂
    PS4 please!

  44. Final Fantasy 12 — Good story, great battle system.

  45. Leon says:

    Final Fantasy 7 because the game had 2 super weapons to beat which is almost another game to play after you beat the main game.
    Xbox One

  46. Pan says:

    Final fantasy tactics
    Amazing gameplay, deep job system, incoherent story, broken heros. It had it all. Plus unlockable cloud which corrupted my save file. So many hours. So many memories.


  47. Alex says:

    Dissidia Final Fantasy — because it is the first game that got me into the series

  48. Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII – can understand vincent’s mysterious background. and also a third person shooting game

  49. M Alfan says:

    Final Fantasy X HD – This game is really something else. This to me was the last great Final Fantasy title. The atmosphere was fantastic. A religion banning machina with a doctrine of living in a world where death is inevitable due to a specter of judgement called SIN. To save the world is to destroy it, a contradiction from a past war created a spiral of death that is inescapable…..or is it? This is your Story! Beautiful remaster, Remixed Music, Sharpened 1080P visuals. Fast battles and a giant sphere grid to populate (Level up). This is a game of Celestial proportions do not pass the blitzball on this one!

  50. Wen says:

    FF VI, Kefka, and the music

  51. Tohko says:

    FF 9
    Zidane was great

  52. Kennon says:

    Final Fantasy X — epic story, calming to play, beatiful visuals

  53. Final Fantasy VIII — amazing summons scenes and great characters.

  54. Brian collins says:

    Final fantasy 7 Crisis Core – loved the fighting system and story! Will always have a special place in my heart. R.I.P Zack Fair

    Xbox one
    Email adress

  55. Brandon says:

    FFX My first final fantasy game, great story and gameplay.

  56. Sam says:

    Final Fantasy V – A stellar job system combined with a soundtrack that is at times strikingly rememberable forms what for me is the funniest FF. Its too bad the story was so shallow, though.
    PlayStation 4

  57. ninefourzero says:

    Final Fantasy VII – Loved the story & gameplay

  58. Final Fantasy VIII – The best story for me. I love the love story and junctioning system of the game.

  59. Demitri says:

    Final Fantasy V – Great cast of characters; Gilgamesh being the best character, Theme songs like Battle at the big bridge and mambo de chocobo, amazing story espacilly the two world concept.

  60. FFVII will always be one of my favorite games

  61. Will says:

    Final Fantasy III (on the SNES) – Best story ever. Tale of redemption with General Leo, and the rise of power of Kefka. Many hours using Relm’s sketch ability to try to clone Gau and get that friggin Super slash ability from the glitch.

    Such great memories. I hope I get new ones from XV!


  62. meof says:

    Final Fantasy 6
    It wad the first ff I played and it’s always been my favorite.

  63. FF6- Loved the exploration and Espers.

  64. Final Fantasy VI
    The music and characters left a deep impression on me as a kid. The opera scene is still one of the best scenes in a video game to me.

  65. Final Fantasy X. Mostly because it was the first one I’ve played and I really digged the characters/battle system.

  66. KKAtan says:

    Final Fantasy 9
    Because Air Pirates rock. Also awesome steam punk setting at the time.

  67. Final Fantasy 7
    the first game to truley hook me into gaming, couldn’t put it down and still have many fond memories of my time with it
    PS4 please

  68. Mikael Bisp says:

    Final Fantasy X is the best game for me..! I have the PS2, PS3 and PsVita versions.. and I will buy the PS4 version once it arrives.

    I have completed the game more than 6 times.. It´s the game that made me love the series.

    Twitter: @hanmik01

  69. FF VII – The graphics may suck, but the battle system is Awesome, and there are plenty of emotional moments to carry you through. It has the feels man!



  70. Final Fantasy Tactics!
    Underrated, incredible battle system. Loved the handheld releases too.
    Xbox One

  71. Jaime says:

    Final Fantasy IX. It had my favorite setting in the series and brought together the things I loved about the old and newer Final Fantasy games at the time.

  72. Kenway says:

    Final Fantasy VIII
    I’ve always loved stories and symbols, and that game took that love to a new level. I still wear my Griever necklace.
    Xbox One

  73. Justin Bernais says:

    I’ev been playing Final Fantasty since the NES days but I woulds say Final Fantasy 8 was My favorite. The battle Mechanics and story kept me intreagued the whole way through but what really caught me was the beautiful animation of the cutscenes this led the era of properly animated scenes and better modeling of the characters. It also led me to my first videogame crush Rinoa. But that’s a different story 😛

    • Justin Bernais says:

      I’ve been playing Final Fantasty since the NES days but I woulds say Final Fantasy 8 was My favorite. The battle Mechanics and story kept me intreagued the whole way through but what really caught me was the beautiful animation of the cutscenes this led the era of properly animated scenes and better modeling of the characters. It also led me to my first videogame crush Rinoa. But that’s a different story.
      PS4 please sorry is a repost but forgot to mention the console I wanted it for!

  74. Final Fantasy VI … Enough Said
    Xbox One, Please and Thank you!

  75. rafabn says:

    Great history, skill progression using equipment and a cartoon like graphics.

  76. Tough Choice. Obvious answer FFVII because it introduced me to the story and gave me the feels.
    But, real answer FFIX.
    Loved everything about the game, the story, the animation, the skill system, plus it was the first and only one I manged to actually beat.

  77. Lucas Vázquez says:

    Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII — Awesome story and good battle system. The ending made me cry 😥

  78. karlosthemarra says:

    Defiantly final fantasy 7, my first introduction to the series and I have got very fond memories playing when I was younger!

    Xbox one.


  79. Will Moua says:

    Final Fantasy VI – An awesome story, it has the most memorable music from the series, a large cast of characters, and a lot of awesome and diverse battle mechanics (each character’s uniqueness in battle, a bit strategy required in war scenarios, and Espers)

  80. Yuen Mun says:

    Final Fantasy VI-The opening orchestra, the job system. I loved Terra’s abilities and followed her story every step of the way. Of course, Sabin and his train suplex. Kefka is also one of the most memorable villain ever in the series.

    If by any chance I’m fortunate enough to get a code, I would like a code for the PS4.


  81. Eric T. says:

    Final Fantasy VII because of the story. Game was amazing.
    Xbox One

  82. Itchyy says:

    final fantasy 13-2
    i liked the combat, the cast, and the story
    xbox one

  83. Final Fantasy Tactics – endless strategy between party composition and movement choices.
    Xbox One

  84. Colby Sherrard says:

    Final Fantasy VI — Great characters, great flow and paced story, and perfect music

  85. Robbo says:

    Final Fantasy VIII — Two words: TRIPLE TRIAD!!!

  86. Chris says:

    Final Fantasy VI. Just because.

  87. jukkakhan says:

    Final Fantasy VI.
    Huge, memorable cast. Amazing music. Psychotic villain who destroys the world, just because. Suplexing a train.

  88. Final Fantasy XIII – I really enjoyed the combat system.

  89. Ferd'z says:

    FFVIII – first ever FF game and RPG I’ve ever played which got me hooked with the series and RPG in general. Graphics was great at that time but what kept me playing was the story.

  90. Final Fantasy X – Because I loved the music, game play, and story. It’s my favorite of the series. It’s also my first final fantasy game.

  91. Cali Yo says:

    I was going to make a joke about FF8 being the best because TRIPLE TRIAD, but I honestly have to go with FFX-2. I like me a dress sphere grid.

  92. Levi says:

    Final Fantasy VII – The story was amazing, characters were well developed, and the materia system was the best magic system FF has ever had.
    PlayStation 4

  93. Joseph says:

    Final Fantasy X – I played the hell out of the game and really enjoyed the remake, even platinum’d it
    PlayStation 4

  94. Taylor Bocka says:

    FF7 because of nostalgia mostly. I had mostly played Disney games and other movie tie ins at that point in my life, and I remember going to my neighbors house and watching him play it for like two hours and knowing I had to get it. I’ve enjoyed the other games but 7 made me realize what more a game could be besides a half hearted connection to a movie I liked.
    Playstation 4

  95. Rosh Dhanawade says:

    FF7 because it was my first and it introduced me to the world of JRPGs

  96. darklurkr23 says:

    I’d say FFX. It was the last FF before the series went to that stupid walk around battle system. And each character talked like OMG! XD But X-2 nononono XD

    Still hoping for this one ad 15 to go back to roots and wow me!

  97. meh says:

    I like FF9 because i like it

  98. My favorite is FFXIV. i love the world, the raiding and playing with friends, the characters, the story, the customizations, it’s all great! @nunley33_ ps4

  99. I really enjoyed Final Fantasy Tactics. Such a great game. But I’m going to go with FFX for the sole reason of BLITZBALL!!! I used to spend so much time just playing blitzball.

    I would take it on either console, but will list Xbox One as my preferred console.

  100. adric says:

    I love Final Fantasy X. The story is so engrossing & the level up system was awesome

  101. Final Fantasy V- Greatest job system in any of the classic games, and a great soundtrack. Also my favorite villain is Exdeath if my tag was any hint 🙂


  102. Bryan says:

    Final Fantasy VI – Dancing Mad. Enough said.

  103. BobVenom says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics- An Amazing story, the jobs system was great, the battles were epic lasting upwards to :30 min each. Cloud was in it and the game got me through a rough time in life.
    Playstation 4


  104. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call
    I’m no good at RPGs but I absolutely love rhythm games.

    Playstation 4

  105. Jayme says:

    FFX — The one I tried to play on my own. And the skills system.



  106. Final Fantasy Tactics: It was just so damn good. That story, the battles were intense, all around solid game. Still hoping for another.

  107. Final Fantasy X was my favorite entry in the series. The best cast of characters and a story that ended with a tug on the heartstrings.

  108. pietermc says:

    Final Fantasy VII – I had never played anything so amazing before.

  109. Chris Williams says:

    Not really played Final Fantasy before, would be good to start with this one.
    Xbox One

  110. joshyo says:

    FF7 – The only game that has ever made me cry…damn you Sephiroth!!!

  111. Nepping Tuna says:

    FFXIII Lightning Returns- Great gameplay systems, pretty good story, and a nice atmosphere and sense of urgency
    Playstation 4

  112. slayercommathe says:

    Final Fantasy VIII, I found the story and all the theories about whether Squall is dead to be fascinating
    Playstation 4

  113. Charles says:

    Final Fantasy VI – Absolutely loved the characters and their completely unique abilities, not to mention the graphics. @C_H_Man

  114. FFVII – The characters, soundtracks, gameplay

  115. says:

    I am one of the oddballs who absolutely loved Final Fantasy X. The best FF love story, and a damn fine villain in the form of Sin. Man, that game was deep.

    Twitter handle – @tsjoycean

  116. ghostsoldier says:

    My favourite is Final Fantasy 7 for the fantastic story.

  117. BigBoss says:

    FFVII Simply because it was my first FF, I’ll never forget it amazing game

  118. Wolf Zombie says:

    I guess I’ll say Crisis Core. It was the first Final Fantasy game that I played through to the end. Great game, really enjoyed playing. It was also interesting since I played it before I played Final Fantasy VII.

  119. Anthony C. Nwankwo says:

    Final Fantasy VII – Great Story & Combat

  120. Aleksander1337 says:

    Kingdom Hearts 2
    Gameplay and combat is so amazing when you master it. The story is also quite interresting!

  121. Ricardo says:

    Final Fantasy VII

  122. Gram says:

    Final Fantasy VI – It had the best music, characters, and it was my first RPG.

  123. Jesse Lazenby says:

    FF IX-Loved the storyline, cutscenes and battles. Most fun I ever had was playing this game and even at 90+ hrs I still couldn’t beat the last boss lol Graphics were amazing (at the time) and great music too!

  124. mixmastar0b says:

    Final Fantasy X HD

    Because it was the only one i ever played… yeah sorry im late to the FF Series guys lol..

    Xb1 Or PS4

  125. nukkus says:

    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, the soundtrack is simply BADASS.

  126. JC says:

    Final Fantasy X – Loved the story and the sphere grid was a nice change to the leveling system.

  127. sergiosuperche says:

    Final Fantasy IX because of its story

  128. Trayvon says:

    Final Fantasy VII because it was the first Final Fantasy game I played when I got a PS1 for Christmas.

  129. ilRadd says:

    FF VII – it had the best story in my opinion.
    Xbox One

  130. Final Fantasy X because of the great story and fun combat

  131. darfreeze says:

    Final Fantasy VI – My first final fantasy. Despite the pixelated graphics, the game actually packs a lot of emotion in it. With memorable cast of characters. And the greatest villain ever in the series. No other jrpg titles will strike me as much as this game.

  132. darfreeze says:

    FINAL FANTASY VI – My First Final Fantasy. Despite the pixelated graphics, this game really packs a lot of emotion in it. With memorable cast of characters and the greatest villain to ever grace the series. No other jrpg titles will ever top this game.

  133. FF XI because it was the first one on Xbox 360 and it was online.

  134. rick says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics – battle system, story and the strange attachment to my random battlers that I inevitably dump for the special characters.

  135. anasli says:

    7 – because losing your healer mid-game was a …..

  136. Unmasked Bandit says:

    Final Fantasy XII — Nostalgia. It was the first FF I played.

  137. blindsniperz20 says:

    I love them all… You can’t make me choose! The characters and the fighting are all beautiful.

    Xbox One

  138. Mysticfail says:

    FFX-Great story, gorgeous art, massive replayability, and one of best minigames of all time.

  139. Jon says:

    Final Fantasy IV – I loved the characters and story… it is the game that got me into RPGs!


  140. koyoulose says:

    Final Fantasy 4 – I loved the story and felt attatched to the characters. Battle with the Four Fiends music is my favorite boss battle theme


  141. koyoulose says:

    Final Fantasy 4 – I loved the story and characters, first rpg I played on super nintendo. Battle with the Four Fiends is my favorite boss theme.


  142. Hendrik Moder says:

    Instead of all other i LOVED 13 to 13.3. The Nova Crystallis Saga was much fun to me !

    Ps4 or xbox one

  143. Limesta says:

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time — Awesome action RPG with perhaps one of the best multiplayer experiences on DS.

  144. Jake says:

    Final Fantasy VIII – Mainly because it was the first in the series that I actually played and understood since I was roughly 12 at the time.

  145. Andrefpvs says:

    Final Fantasy X — I liked the way the plot was character-driven AND world-driven, instead of just one or the other. Not enough JRPGs do this.

  146. FFXIV- story was great and it’s just a PHENOMINAL MMO experience
    Second choice would be FF7, it was my first Final Fantasy and it will always hold a special place.

  147. g4n0nd says:

    Final Fantasy VII: My first into the series, an epic reason to keep playing FF’s this day, the characters on the series are awesome.

  148. Roto says:

    FFVII – For me, it has the best story, and i loved the materia system

  149. Brad says:

    I’m new to the Final Fantasy Games and I would like a start to the Series!
    Xbox One

  150. Brian says:

    Final Fantasy VII. It was the first FF game I ever played.

  151. Final fantasy 8, it’s my first final fantasy and it’s really mindblowing the first time 1 played it, really like the story, laguna, squall, and the gunblade^^

  152. Final Fantasy VI – Everything was near perfect in this game: story, music, characters.

  153. Final Fantasy IV – It was the first RPG I ever played, and it was the beginning of my love affair with the genre. It is still absolutely my favorite game, without question.

  154. alexgo says:

    Final Fantasy XII – No random battles, awesome story without romance stuff and just all around excellent.

  155. Robert says:

    Final Fantasy 6 – Great scenario design, music, and characters.

  156. Final Fantasy IX, mainly because I sat down and beat like half the game in a day with him. Then we didn’t have a memory card and all was lost! Good memories.

  157. Cory says:

    Final Fantasy XIII. It’s one I’ve played the most of, simply enjoyed it. Xbox One copy please 🙂 @Dunncor

  158. Aaron MacNaughton says:

    It’s probably not your typical favorite but mine is FFVIII. Guess I’m a hopeless romantic haha.

  159. My favorite’s definitely Final Fantasy IX. I have nothing against VII, VIII or any of the newer ones, but I really liked those old ones, and IX felt like they went and made the best “old” Final Fantasy they could possibly make, and they nailed it.


  160. malek86 says:

    Final Fantasy 1 (from Origins) – in the end, it’s the purest one. Just fighting and more fighting. It’s also got the best soundtrack in my opinion.

  161. Final Fantasy 6, the only one that matters! Story, music. Everything was so vastly superior to all the other Fantasies.

    PS4, @dyeknom

  162. Don says:

    Final Fantasy VIII – the Draw system and non-super deformed characters added a serious undertone to a great sci-fi story

  163. Final Fantasy VIII — Loved the story and was the first one I ever really played and beat so it’ll always have a special place in my heart

  164. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII – it made more sense than most 😉

  165. Thermopyle says:

    Final Fantasy IV – First RPG I ever played and still the one that sticks with me the best.

  166. Leandro says:

    FFVII – Awersome story, characters and of course Sephiroth 😀

  167. Reza says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics – Loved the turn based combat, the job system was awesome and the story wasn’t too shabby

    PS4 -(but i’ll take a xb1 cause I’m a mad man and have both)


  168. Dallas says:

    Final Fantasy X, me and my best friend put tons of hours into that game together when we were young!! He moved away, so playing it even now brings up the memories of my childhood and our friendship. Of course I love Final Fantasy VII, but X is connected to my life so that’s why it’s my favorite!

  169. rpmboy says:

    FFVII- It was the first one I played, great story and characters

  170. Derrik says:

    FFVII- I like the story and characters

  171. kaleeftw says:

    Hmmm tough one but I’m gonna say FF X. I’m a sucker for a good love story!

    @ kalee28

  172. Dexter says:

    Final Fantasy VII – My first FF and a great story.

  173. Kayla T. says:

    Do the Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles games count? Because I used to love co-oping those with my brother on the ds! I wish they would release more like Ring of Fate.

  174. ian says:

    Final Fantasy II (US SNES) – My first FF game

  175. Morris says:

    Final Fantasy VIII – It was my first Final Fantasy. The story and the characters just sucked me in and I was always excited to see what would happen next.


  176. Sidney says:

    FF VII – The story and characters are hard to forget.

  177. Brad Zywicki says:

    Final Fantasy 8 – got me into the series. Loved the characters, story, and sunmons.
    Xbox 1

  178. shawn says:

    Final fantasy xiii – the combat tops most jrpgs and the story was engaging enough

    Xbox one

  179. final fantasy vii was the best had a great story and i max out everything in that game greatest one yet.

  180. SenpaiBen says:

    FFIII/VI (SNES) my first ff game ^_^

  181. says:

    FFX. Blitzball is ridiculous fun and Yuna was great.

  182. It is really difficult to decide between VI and VIII, but I will say VIII because there were less characters to develop which gave each character a little more time to be developed. I liked it because it is one of the VERY few FF games where the combat system AND the story was well developed. It still had the same glaring errors in the equipment system that it’s predecessor had, but unlike with its predecessor, I felt that the equipment system was manageable once you figured it out.


  183. Clay says:


    The story, class system and 16bits graphics hit my sweet spot. The cast is really good and charming too.


  184. Jordan Ellis says:

    Final Fantasy X
    Blitzball – I can play it for days.

  185. Juan says:

    Final Fantasy VII

  186. Final Fantasy 7.
    The graphics back in the day, especially the summons.

  187. somethin says:

    Final Fantasy V – Because of that fantastic job system.

  188. Nick S. says:

    Final Fantasy X. It was my first RPG and probably the first game I had any real emotional attachment to. One of the few games to bring me to tears.

  189. stinkytick says:

    Definitely Final Fantasy X. It wasn’t the first time playing FF but as a 9 year old kid, the visuals and the ambience was astonishing. Oh and did I mention BlitzBall? I have no idea why but all the fantasy related to an underwater football really made me daydream about being a part of Spira.
    Xbox One

  190. psycosis86 says:

    Final fantasy IX is my favorite. I just love the characters and the story.

  191. Final Fantasy X was revolutionary when it was first released on the PS2. Loved that it was remastered in HD for PS3/PS4/Vita. Had one of the best storylines in FF games.

  192. CinematicSky says:

    FFX-2 simply because I have so many memories of playing it as a kid in 6th grade. I used to wake up early before school just to turn the game on and watch the opening sequence.

  193. says:

    FFVII was unbelievable, with my most memorable scene where Aerith was in the church with the flowers….. the atmosphere..and having leveled up Aerith and did not realize she ….doesn’t last for the rest of the game…amazing. XB1, thanks.

  194. madebygames says:

    Final Fantasy 1 and the reason I like it is because that game is responsible for some of my fondest gaming memories. I used to play it for hours as a kid and it set the course for me to become a gamer.
    System: PS4
    Twitter Handle @madebygames.

  195. mangledrex says:

    Final Fantasy VII
    I just loved the story and I was blown away by the fmv’s when it first came out.
    Xbox One

  196. tigersparky says:

    FF IX – Great throwback to the original medieval-based FFs after VII and VIII. Bought my PS2 at the time just to play it since it wasn’t released on PC.

    Xbox One

  197. Rachel says:

    The original Final Fantasy is my favorite because I’ll never forget how immersed I was in the game. I couldn’t stop playing. The graphics were like nothing I had seen before and I loved it. My console preference is Play Station 4.

  198. Final Fantasy IX – The atmosphere, story, art design and throwbacks make it the perfect comfy game.

  199. benhod says:

    Final Fantasy Tactics – The best story and best battle system

  200. Bret says:

    FF VII because it basically I terrified me to the FF series and crazy Japanese story telling in RPGs that I’ve been hooked on ever since ^_^
    PlayStation 4
    Thank you! ^_^

  201. Daniel Thompson says:

    FF IV – It was the first RPG I played, so it holds a special place in my heart.

  202. Colin says:

    New to series

  203. New to Series beside Dissidia Final Fantasy

  204. Just for the record that was my PSN name, I don’t use social media like that.

  205. Victor says:

    Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7

    The best moment is at the end of crisis core when Zack goes through all the memories of everyone he’s met on his journey, and how he forgets them all one by one. And at some point the rolling wheels get stuck on Aerith and it’s the most emotional moment I’ve ever had with a game because he clearly doesn’t want to forget about her.. 😥

  206. Dan G. says:

    FF7, it’s the only one I’ve played extensively and almost finished!

  207. Miguel Moran says:

    Duodecim, because of all them costumes!

    PS4 please, haha. @Draginite

  208. claxius says:

    i liked final fantasy x it had a great story and it was kinda sad it had great battle sytstem and moves it my personal favorite

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