DLC Review: Iron & Steel Pack (Zen Pinball 2)

For Vikingland!

For Vikingland!

By: Matthew Striplen

Who doesn’t love some sweet, sweet DLC? No one, that’s who! Zen Studios‘ latest DLC for Zen Pinball 2, entitled the Iron & Steel Pack, comprises of two awesome tables: CastleStorm and Wild West Rampage. They’re pretty different, so let’s start off with CastleStorm.

Having previously reviewed CastleStorm Complete in 2014, I can safely say that this table lives up to all your expectations of what a CastleStorm table should be. The board is stuffed full of things to smash, topple and spin, but the real charm comes in the mini-games. Most Zen Pinball 2 tables have oodles of mini-games, and CastleStorm is no exception. Expect to battle hordes of Vikings, all with their original voices from the main game.

Two games in particular embody what I always imagined pinball games of the future would be like. These games have targets, in this case Vikings, pop up out of the board to be hit by the ball. They even have hit animations and noises! Even though it’s a relatively small touch, it works really well.

For as good as the CastleStorm table is, Wild West Rampage might be even better. First off, the board is significantly larger and even more densely backed than its companion. Again, the mini-games play a major role in the table’s charm. The most impressive part of these mini-games is how well they fit with the western theme, my personal favorites being knocking a stick of dynamite out of the air, or hunting down a fugitive.

Even basic parts of the table catch the eye, the bumpers in particular. These bumpers sport revolver decorations, which doesn’t seem too crazy, until the ball strikes them. Then they fire and spin around, like a cowboy holstering his pistols. Just awesome.


Iron & Steel adds two new, well-polished tables to an already strong library. Both bring tons of fun and excitement, regardless of whether you’re a fan of the parent series or not. This DLC is easily worth the price of admission. Play ball!


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