PS4 Review: Paparazzi

Oh shit, is that Kanye!?!?

Oh shit, is that Kimye!?!?

By: Mike Chen

As one-trick ponies go, Paparazzi provides good laughs from a multiplayer perspective. As a single-player endeavor, it’s up there with arcade style Flash games in terms of depth.

Paparazzi has a simple concept: a celebrity on the screen has to get to a limo. A floating reticule represents the paparazzi trying to take photos. The two face off, and the celebrity maintains a dignity score by avoiding the camera and picking up groups of fans. The paparazzi, meanwhile, earn a money score based on the number of photos captured.

For the single-player experience, the player takes control of the celebrity. For local competitive play, the second player takes photos with aiming done via controller tilting. Various power ups are available on screen and the celebrity can hide behind buildings, moving cars and other environment objects.

There’s no progression or true campaign outside of the different celebrities (who look different but function essentially the same) and the different environments. In essence, it’s the same as an Atari 2600 game with the old-school Level Select options.

Paparazzi uses old-school pixel art with a variety of environments and characters to pick from, but that’s pretty much the whole package. As a party game, it provides frantic laughs, but it gets old pretty quickly, and there’s really no reason to visit it without friends.

OVERALL (2.5/5)

Paparazzi offers some easy local fun but not much else; to the point that even $5 is a bit much for it since the gameplay is so one dimensional. If you happen about and have some company, however, grab some controllers and give it a shot as you’re bound to have a few laughs.

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