Throwback Thursday: Win Geometry Wars 3 on Steam!


Thus far in 2015 we’ve been showing love to the consoles, but today we’re giving a little to the PC side as we’ve got Steam codes for Sierra’s Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions up for grabs. Read on to see how you can win a code for your very own!


To enter, simply let us know what game/story/system/trend most disappointed you in 2014 in the comments section below. If you’re on Twitter, please include your @handle as well. If not, just make sure the email address you use when entering is valid.


Winners will be selected on Wednesday, January 28th. All entries must be submitted by 4 PM EDT/1 PM PDT on Wednesday. Please note that although anyone can enter you must either be following me on Twitter or submit a working email address to win.

Good luck!


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58 Responses to Throwback Thursday: Win Geometry Wars 3 on Steam!

  1. Assassin’s Creed Unity buggy release. Had so much potential but failed to impress

  2. most certainly the digital homicide/slaughtering grounds story, i used to believe that good things could come out by the greenlight process, but the way the dev treated everyone and how awful the game looked almost made me lose my faith in the industry.


  3. I played an Indie game called “Into Blue Valley” on Steam the other day. The scenery was nice but there was no real story to the game. The game only takes around 30 minutes to finish and it ends abruptly with no closure.

  4. Luke says:

    Nintendo with their “limited” editions and amiibos, that nobody but scalpers can get. Hope that counts.

  5. nvsareval says:

    Destiny seriously failing on its hype. It never was going to live up to its potential, but the fact that it wasn’t even that good of a game in general made it even more disappointing. It’s just an grindfest with barely anything to it.

  6. JonRaubbe says:

    WWE 2k15 for Xbox 360/PS3. Could’ve gaven some improvements instead of taking out modes.

  7. darklurkr23 says:

    I’d say PS4 because there STILL isn’t anything AAA on it (i mean exclusive) except Infamous. 2015 I am super hype though, I really want there to be a nice Blood-Colored Bloodborne bundle, or maybe some kidn of cool silver Order bundle. And I think….SF5 is 2015? maybe? i don’t reemember but PS4 looks great in 15.

  8. Johnny Reman says:

    Super Smash Bros 3DS/WiiU – only a few characters have alternate costumes, lost 2 unique clone-lite characters for 3 90% clone characters who should have been costumes. The loss of break the targets, palutena and the miis being playable and just having slightly altered versions of the existing characters moves.

  9. Seems like a week passes in the year and I forget everything that happened in 2014. Disappointing trend of 2014 for both Steam greenlight and big publishers is pushing out a games that aren’t finished. I’m more cautious now about buying games at release because of it. @zero110100

  10. stefan92awp says:

    CS GO, steam must have a better guard, iv lost my items because of keylogger, and steam must have a better Support! Gl

  11. rangerike says:

    Destiny, It didn’t deserve any rewards.

  12. Leon says:

    everything Ubisoft

  13. Wen says:

    Lizard Squad….

  14. zerop1 says:

    Buggy games like AC & Halo, cheating in esports, youtube gaming commentary type videos, and lastly although not technically 2014 the recent closing of Club Nintendo.

  15. Gram says:

    Watch Dogs

  16. a couple games of ubisoft @mr_X_3224

  17. GamerGate. It’s disappointing that this misogynistic abuse could drive women from the industry.

  18. Tohko says:

    WWE 2k15 for Xbox 360/PS3
    Not really a wrestling fan so scenario creation was the only draw

  19. Griffin Batson says:

    Watch_Dogs. Good game, just the story wasn’t as good as expected.

  20. Chris says:

    No disappointments for me.

  21. danhoo says:

    Easy — Destiny.

  22. The new Thief reboot was disappointing for me. Linear, some bugs here and there, and long loading screens.

  23. DrPixel says:

    Definitely the whole Amiibo craze disappointed me. The crazy prices people paid for some of the rarer ones is just bizarre.

  24. Alex Cru says:

    Destiny. I was expecting a game that was as great as Halo, but I ended up getting a game where I have to grind hours upon hours with the very repetitive quests.

  25. Gotta go with WWE 2K15 being so sub-par. They took out a ton of major features, a few minor (but important) ones, had a generally horrible roster and reduced the amount of creation slots so much that you were greatly limited to how many in-game roster fixes you could do. I’m on Twitter as #Jeremy_Peeples

  26. PKB Mac says:

    The trend that disappointed me the most was devs that misuse the Early Access program. While many games (Action Henk, Divinity: Original Sin, etc.) use it well, for each game/dev that does, there’s one that abandons development or otherwise fails to deliver what was promised. This erodes gamers’ faith in the system and impedes the ability of games to succeed in Early Access. Devs abandoning games does a disservice to both gamers and devs alike.

    Runner-up: Some indie devs who completely mishandle PR, and fail to treat customers/critics alike with respect (Slaughtering Grounds, I’m looking at you).

  27. neo says:

    definately A.C.


  28. akuma1088 says:

    I am most disappointed in digital distribution. Digital distribution could have been a great opportunity for the industry move forward, instead it seem day by day, more and more as a cash grab.

    When the idea of digital distribution was first introduced it brought a lot of potential the consumer and the companies that make games. Game companies now have the opportunity to distribute their games more easily by bypassing many of the retail fees. Consumer now have the opportunity to pick up games they weren’t able to in past.

    In 2014 games are charging people to unlock content that is already in the game. Games are asking to pay for content ahead of time that may never come out or be lacking what was promised. This has been extended as far as to help pay for the extra upcoming content. What’s worse, in some cases this extra paid content ended up being the full game experience, after the fact you already paid for a full game. These games are purposely cut short so you could pay more for the complete experience. Paying for this extra content is something the consumer might not necessarily want but the promise of discounted content adding value to their purchase is how they entice the consumer to keep paying more.

    Digital distribution has been abused when it could have been a great opportunity to bring back many great games from the past at reasonable prices where people never had the opportunity to play. It could also have been a great opportunity to add value to current games by expanding their worlds. Unfortunately digital distribution is mostly being abused as an opportunity to grab more money from the consumer. Consumers are ending up paying more for a less complete product. Paying for a full game experience upfront seem to be a shrinking optimism day by day.

  29. Aileen says:


  30. Halo Master Chief Collection. Not just because it was a major battle at launch to get a multiplayer but because it put off all my friends who I’d planned to play it with. I may be working well now but everyone fell out of love with it and now it sits on my hard drive not being played as well. Such a shame!


  31. Jia Min Liang says:

    Nintendo forcing us to buy Amiibo’s to unlock stuff in games. costumes for each amiibo character in mario kart 8? we around paid for the game so unlock everything for us


  32. Draginite says:

    Destiny, by FAR. @Draginite

  33. Lamis says:

    Assassins creed unity bugs, I as so hyped for it. Now I can’t even decide if I should get it


  34. Brenda Zhao says:

    Capcom and USF4 on the PS4. thought that it wouldn’t get ported on the next gen consoles. should have announced it early on


  35. regional restriction for steam gifts

  36. KKAtan says:

    When I found out it was Nvidia who broke Assassin’s Creed Unity.

    It all began on August 2013:
    Nvidia got desperate to promote the PC platform since they got kicked out of Playstation. They then made deals with Ubisoft.
    Bribing Ubisoft with money, on the condition that Ubisoft would utilize Nvidia’s Gameworks development kit for their future games.
    This development kit had the objective to make PC games look good compared to console games. But… It didn’t accomplish this by optimizing the games for PC.
    It accomplished the objective by crippling performance accross all platforms.

    Nvidia bribed Ubisoft to break Assassin’s Creed on all platforms. They lowered the performance on PC, they lowered the performance on consoles.
    Nvidia was happy with the result as long as the console performance was hurt the most, and PC performance was hurt a little less.

    This type of scum attitude is so manipulative and dishonest, I lost all respect I ever had for Ubisoft and Nvidia.

  37. Matt S says:

    Destiny. :/

  38. bananabananza says:

    The fact that heists did not release in 2014….. @imperialguard0

  39. bipple305 says:

    I can’t keep this to just one game because honestly 2014 made me not want to preorder games ever again. I was a jackass and preordered both Assassin’s Creed Unity and Halo:MCC. With all the problems I encountered with both games I actually smashed MCC to pieces and Unity is in the back corner of my closet where I threw it in rage weeks ago. I know that they’ve come out with like 26 gigs of updates to fix all the bugs but it’s too little too late. That’s like a car company releasing a car that explodes when you step on the brakes. YOU CAN’T RELEASE AN UNFINISHED PRODUCT!! Thank you for the chance to vent. I don’t want to win (this time) because I don’t game on my PC enough so if you happen to choose me please pick someone else that would appreciate the game more.


  40. louiedog says:

    Buggy/broken games being released.

  41. uuuummmm…
    Xbox1 Please and Thank You!

  42. hsith says:

    Publishers delivering broken games, worst tendency of 2014
    Xbox One

  43. Volgihn says:

    Halo The Master Chief Collection was the biggest disappointment of 2014. Halo 2 is a game that is very dear to me. It was my very first console shooter I played. It is what got me into competitive gaming. I spent more than 500 hours playing Halo 2 online with friends and family members. One i heard that they were remastering the game I was ecstatic. This was going to be the chance to go back and play memorable maps with great friends and family. I take 2 days off from work to play this game. I download it and play it an hour before midnight release. My cousin is siting next to me in the couch and we are ready to play some matches of halo 2 just like we had done 10 years ago and to our surprise the game didn’t work at all. We both took days off just to play this. I have never felt anything more disappointing in my entire life.

  44. Cali Yo says:

    The seriously limited runs of Amiibos and certain Skylanders items. Trying to find Little Mac or the Kaos trap for Trap Team, as a parent, has been completely frustrating.

  45. Definitely Assassin’s Creed Unity 😦 They had shown such care and focus in the series, and then Unity was a mess

  46. M Alfan says:

    Destiny, so disappointing..

  47. Camilo Nieto says:

    I’m tired of the constant announcements of “Remasters”. I’m not asking for new IPs necessarily, but actual new games for current gen consoles.

    My twitter handle is @CamiloNieto

  48. sora3100 says:

    I’d say I’m most disappointed in today’s industry I guess

  49. I remain most disappointed with the state of preorder and outlet exclusive content in games. I think it’d be best if we hold on to our money until we know a game is solid rather than letting retailers hold on to our money interest free and maybe we can discourage some of the preorder gimmicks.

  50. Day 1 paid DLC @tonzkie04

  51. Tim says:

    Super Mario Bros. 2. Seriously, what a lousy follow-up to the most advanced and well-crafted game I’ve played so far. It took me until last year to get to it, I’m trying to tackle 100% of my backlog before moving on. Just finished up my richard garriott collection of ziploks and moved up to the famicom.

  52. GamerGate. It’s disappointing that this misogynistic abuse could drive women from the industry.

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