PS4 Review: Tennis in the Face

At least he's wearing his Wimbledon whites.

At least he’s wearing his Wimbledon whites.

By: Jeff Cater

Tennis in the Face follows a washed up tennis player’s quest to rid the city of a vile energy drink called Explodz, which essentially turns people into jerks. It’s a small story to fit a small package. It is a pretty decent looking game, with cartoony characters placed among various boxes, walls and other generic destructible objects. The soundtrack of the game is repetitive but is very chill so it doesn’t grate the nerves.

Tennis in the Face suffers quite a bit from mobile-game syndrome; there’s very little to do with your controller. Aside from aiming with the left stick and serving your shot with the X button, all your other buttons sit at rest. You may see a lot of people comparing the gameplay to Angry Birds, but that comparison isn’t really fair or accurate.

As it turns out, Tennis in the Face is a reskin of an older mobile game — I think it was called Stupid Zombies or something to that effect. In both games you shoot a ball and try to knock out as many enemies as you can in the fewest number of shots.

Levels progress in difficulty with new obstacles introduced regularly that can immediately destroy your ball or set off a chain reaction to take out your foes in creative ways. Overall, the uzzles are fun and creatively built, but the idleness set in place by the controls discourages extended play sessions. There is also no multiplayer to speak of, but it is an easy game to pass off to a friend after you’ve had it with a level.


The entirety of the games content can be done in about an hour or so, which, at its price point of $5, really isn’t terrible. Surely though, it is not a game that you’d want to play on your PS4. The upcoming Vita installment would likely be a better purchase, because having this game on-the-go would be much more satisfying than playing a mobile game on our new consoles.


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