2014 Year In Review — Jeff


Jeff’s GOTY: Destiny

By: Jeff Cater

TOP 10 GAMES OF 2014

10) Metal Gear Solid V: Ground ZeroesKojima is doing his damndest to keep Metal Gear as a top-tier franchise. With the release of Ground Zeroes, we are treated (some say scammed, I say treated) to a glimpse at Hideo’s true vision of The Phantom Pain. Though short in length and with a limited sandbox to play in, Ground Zeroes gave us options, variety, and plenty of Easter eggs to find. Plus, you get to be Big Boss!

9) Metro Redux — If there was any way that the original two games could have been improved it was for them to be colder, darker and scarier. With Metro Redux, Deep Silver allows current-gen console users to live through the eyes of Artyom. With updated textures and a better frame rate, the game is simply a beautiful tale of horror, hope and the supernatural.

8) The Last of Us: Remastered — Naughty Dog quietly refined the PlayStation 3 smash hit with an unlockable framerate, sharper shadows and tightened controls. Joel and Ellie are still the enthralling characters they were in the last gen, and their travels across the torn country to find a haven for themselves is wondrous and engrossing.

7) Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition — It is now to my full belief and understanding that Blizzard can do no wrong. Expanding upon the original story of Diablo III (and also including it), Reaper of Souls boasted an impressive amount of updates and tweaks to the original. Also added was an Endless Adventure mode and a brand new character class to play as. Also, it was one of the few AAA titles this year to offer both couch and online co-op.

6) Octodad: Dadliest Catch — This short but sweet game is one that will make you smile the whole time you are playing it. Octodad has you assume the role of a loving father with a beautiful wife and two charming children, and you live in a quaint town that apparently does not notice that you are indeed an octopus, not a man. Well, everyone except for the evil chef who is bent on serving you on not one but several platters.

5) Wolfenstein: The New Order — It had been far too long since we have heard from ol’ Mr. Blazkowicz, and as soon as we woke him up he was back and better than ever slaying Nazis with akimbo assault rifles! Of course, the story wasn’t the most original, but the speedy and tight gunplay made up for that in Spades.

4) Sniper Elite III — Yes, both the previous choice and this one have to do with killing an unending supply of Nazis, but Sniper Elite III lets you slow down a bit from the pace of Wolfenstein and get a great look at slow-motion sniper ballistics and the resulting impact it has on the human body (and now vehicles!). That, coupled with its open map design, provided a fun and highly replayable experience.

3) Rogue Legacy — I love me a roguelike game. Just the simple fact of conquering the supposed undefeatable measures that are thrown against you gives my ego a grand (and probably unnecessary) boost. Rogue Legacy had us run our warrior, and several of their sons and daughters, through an ever changing castle packed with enemies that have a pure hatred for your family’s heritage.

2) Dragon Age: Inquisition — I don’t know if this is accurate, maybe its just me, but the size and scope of Dragon Age: Inquisition made me feel like the entirety of the game Skyrim was somewhat of an enclosed tutorial level. Whether you find yourself building bridges or literally burning them, the wealth of options available to you are almost overwhelming. This just make the game scream “REPLAY ME!!!!” and takes the hurt away from the otherwise underwhelming multiplayer mode.

1) Destiny — Never have I been so keen to grind away for the best gear in a game, nor have I ever been inclined to play one as obsessively as I do with Destiny. While the writing process took a wrong turn somewhere, the co-operative gunplay that Destiny boasts keeps drawing me back in, every damn day.


Games change a lot during development, and a preview of any game won’t necessarily be a true indication of what to expect from said game. Unfortunately, Destiny feels like it shot itself in the foot because it gave us about a tablespoon worth of story content (with teaspoons available as DLC) after promising to fill our giant cups. Bungie and Activision have indeed made a smash hit, but to see a game change so drastically from its intended vision is my biggest disappointment.


3) No Man’s Sky — This PS4 exclusive (for now) lets the player explore a truly infinite galaxy, full of new things to discover and maybe even create. What awaits us is yet to be really seen, but I am very eager to strap on my space helmet and take to the stars.

2) Tom Clancy’s: The Division — Damnit all to hell, this didn’t come out in 2014!!! Same song, second verse, I really want this game.

1) Mortal Kombat X — Though we haven’t seen much on the 10th tournament yet, Ed Boon promises a great campaign structure along with a revamped combat system without straying far from what the fans are used to. Suffice to say I’m looking forward to beating the crap out of my friends. A LOT.

PlayStation Game of the Year: Destiny
Xbox Game of the Year: Destiny
Downloadable Game of the Year: The Binding of Isaac
Best Story: Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V (tie, again)
Best Shooter: Destiny
Best Co-op: Destiny


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