PS Vita Review: Get Off My Lawn

If this is their plan, our military won’t have any trouble.

If this is their plan, our military won’t have any trouble.

By: Casey Curran

I will say this for Get Off My Lawn: It made me feel like I was Clint Eastwood shooting aliens. Despite any issues I will have with a game, such an accomplish means it has to have something going for it. However, there are a number of flaws that get in the way of this being enough fun for me to keep playing.

Get Off My Lawn has a strong Plants vs. Zombies vibe going for it. A UFO is sending down aliens towards an old man’s house that walk directly down a number of lanes. Only instead of setting up plants, the guy just pulls out his rifle and starts shooting. As the game goes on, there are more alien types coming after you. Killing each alien gives you orbs, and the more shots you make without missing, the higher your multiplier gets, granting you even more orbs.

The first issue is with these alien types, there just is not enough variety. There are four different ones: basic aliens, ones with jetpacks who move from lane to lane, giant aliens and UFOs. Outside of that, it is just a matter of how much body armor they wear, meaning they soak up more bullets. These bullet sponge enemies mostly just feel there to make the game more difficult until you can get a decent amount of weapons.

The game starts you only with a musket that shoots single bullets. As you get orbs, you can upgrade this musket to pack more power, as well as buy a shotgun with short (but wide) range and a ray gun that takes a while to charge and deals massive damage to everything in the lane. There are also single-use items that can be deployed in case aliens begin to overwhelm.

These items cost a lot of orbs to purchase considering how much you get, but you can buy orbs with real money. And that is where the game’s real crippling flaw comes in: It’s hard to get a lot of orbs with the weapons the game initially gives you; all while constantly taunting the player to just buy their way to it. Even with a high multiplier, orbs come at a snail’s pace while upgrades are expensive. To really get the most out of the game, the player must either spend a lot of money or time to get the necessary equipment.

With the right equipment, however, the game does become simple, yet addicting. Getting the multiplier can occasionally unfairly be taken away, by either an unpredictable dodge from a jetpack alien or uncertainty of how many bullets a new enemy type takes, especially since the game keeps piling the armor on them with no real consistency to what armor takes how many bullets.

OVERALL (2.5/5)

If you like the idea of Get Off My Lawn, then with some time and patience you may be able to get enough orbs to get the most out of the game. Just be prepared to be either severely outmatched or trudge through waves of far too easy enemies until you do.

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