PC Preview: Dungeon Defenders 2

It's time to defend some dungeons, again.

It’s time to defend some dungeons, again.

By: Ted Chow

Dungeons Defender 2 is the sequel to the first, and for the most part, irrevocably the same in terms of gameplay and character progression. There are new features, towers and rebuilt maps to offer something fresh, but ultimately it is still the iconic Dungeon Defenders.

For those not accustomed to the game, Dungeon Defenders 2 is a third-person tower defense in which you choose from up to six heroes with unique abilities and towers. The game rewards strategic thinking and placement of towers in combination with the heroes that you bring onto each map. RPG elements are also included as your heroes can equip looted items and progress in levels to unlock new abilities and towers. The overall goal is to build towers and survive a set number of waves to collect your rewards at the end.

At the end of a match you are brought back to your tavern hub where you can switch characters, buy items and equip the loot you’ve procured. Most of the vendors are essentially your access to your inventory, whether to equip or sell. The only vendor that offers a slightly different service is the mystic lady that imbues your items with additional properties. An additional station can also be accessed to play around with your abilities to increase special hidden effects.

Match time can vary depending on the difficulty and number of friends brought in to play co-op with you, but on average they can last between 15 and 20 minutes. You will gather different power orbs to replenish your mana to use abilities or to accumulate resources to build more towers. A cool down period between waves allows you to gather some air and rebuild defenses and strategize. You lose if the object you’re defending is destroyed or win when the set number of waves is completed.

The game’s aesthetics are charming and colorful with a nonchalant atmosphere. Everything within the game is stylized and cartoony, and it works fine for the vibe the game wishes to convey to the player. With some light-hearted scores to accompany the whimsical characters, the overall package is gift wrapped with a pretty bow on top.

Although it’s still in early access, If you like the tower defense genre and have played the original game, Dungeon Defenders 2 should offer some good hours along with some more planned content on your quest to protect Etheria!


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