DLC Review: Venom Pinball (Zen Pinball 2)

That Venom will keep on licking!

That Venom will keep on licking!

By: Uma Smith

There have been so many Marvel characters making their appearances in the world of Zen Pinball. So it shouldn’t be any sort of shock that another one, specifically from the Spider-Man series, is getting his own table. Or perhaps this shock is inevitable as Venom is making his way over to your home and/or portable console in Venom Pinball!

Bear witness as Spider-Man not only has to face off head-to-head against his nemesis, also known as Eddie Brock, but also take on the psychotic Carnage. Within this Zen Pinball DLC, there are three key events centering around all the characters here. There are plenty of features, including the typical bumpers and ramps. But on top of that, you get the ability to sense incoming danger. Well, actually here, you would be warned of losing your ball, thus allowing you to nudge the table at the right timing.

There are plenty of combos to help you increase your score very quickly. And this excitement is further implemented with the awesome animations and kick-ass music playing in the background. This certainly is one of the more breath-taking tables you can get your hands on.


With Venom Pinball available at a price tag of $2.99, this DLC will best suit those who are fans of either the Spiderverse or who are simply wanting to add more to their Zen Pinball collection. Either way, stay true to your “spidey senses” and at least have a shot at this table.


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