PSN Review: Final Horizon

Where’s the space bug spray when you need one?

Where’s the space bug spray when you need one?

By: Uma Smith

What can one expect to find in space? Planets, stars, comets, deadly mechanical insects? That seems to be the case in the recent PlayStation Network title Final Horizon, available for both Vita and PS4. If you’re looking for some strategic space madness, then prepare yourself as the swarm is coming to get you!

CONTROLS (4.5/5)

Being granted the option of using either the classic controls (i.e. analog sticks and face buttons) or the touch screen (on the Vita) is godsend here. So, if you’re playing Final Horizon on the go, the latter would be ideal. Either way, the responses are quick while the act of changing views is both smooth and seamless.


Right off the bat, Final Horizon looks strikingly superb, especially with the numerous graphic effects from explosions and such. With all the space battles and chaos, the scenery never looked so clean.

Complementing well with such a vast amount of gorgeous detail is the heart-pumping audio effects and soundtrack that fit appropriately with the overall atmosphere. The music really helps players feel engaged in the moment of battle.

GAMEPLAY (4.25/5)

Final Horizon takes place across three solar systems where you’ll be encountering over 50 levels throughout various planets. The objective is to protect the human race from the robotic insects that are coming in as swarms of deadly mayhem. Although it’s a simple premise, the gameplay is still engaging.

Specifically, you are preventing these creepy crawlies from reaching a certain point in the map as they will end up eventually destroying your station. Therefore, you’ll need to place and build ground towers to blast away the alien attackers.

Since this is a strategy type of game, this could also include repairing and upgrading the towers you’ve already placed. Considering that these insects can be coming from different directions, the locations of your tower placements is critical — as it is with any good tower-defense games.

Of course, these towers and upgrades aren’t free. Rather, they cost energy points that you need to acquire if you want to keep on building. Hence, you can’t just blindly place a bunch of towers. Ideally, you’ll want to build power generators to replenish your resource of energy points. As such, Final Horizon makes the players think before acting, which makes the game both cerebrally stimulating and exciting at the same time.

It is a downer then, that the campaign and story come to an end quite quickly — there is some replay value, though, if you are considering taking a completionist approach and aiming for the platinum trophy. Further to that, there are also the leaderboards that will have you revisiting completed levels in hopes of getting a better score. Finally, the score challenge mode allows you to adjust your enemy’s stats if you’re looking for a different way to play the game. While it’s not exactly content heavy, the offered experience is one to remember.

OVERALL (4.5/5)

Final Horizon really delivers in terms of offering fast-paced strategic gameplay and tremendous presentation. If you’re longing for a tower-defense title, particularly for your Vita, with an intergalactic setting, then you’ll want to set your “horizons” on this little baby.


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