PS Vita Review: Rollers of the Realm

Steady, men. Steady...

Steady, men. Steady…

By: Uma Smith

If you’ve been looking for a little mix of both pinball and RPG, then Rollers of the Realm is the kind of game you will want to consider. Courtesy of Atlus, this particular title is making it way over to both the PlayStation Vita and PS4. Will players find this game to be one they’d like to “roll” with? Let’s see.

CONTROLS (4.25/5)

Rollers of the Realm feel just right on the PlayStation Vita. The use of the shoulder buttons to control the bumpers as well as the X button to launch the ball provides all the familiarity associated with the pinball gameplay. There’s also the added bonus that you can tilt the field with the left stick without disrupting your game, unlike your typical pinball game where excessive tilt can end up freezing your bumpers. As a result, the control scheme is both familiar and intuitive in terms of giving a superior experience.


The fantasy theme is well executed with various lighting and special effects coupled with the artistic style of the environments. On the PlayStation Vita screen, however, the characters can be pretty small and tough to see. Furthermore, the frame rate drops at times when there are plenty of enemies along with the pinballs bombarding the field.

The soundtrack effectively gives a fantasy-themed impression while the voice acting is top notch for the most part. Unfortunately, the dialogue is pretty limited, and you can potentially get sickened by the constant repetition of the characters’ lines.

GAMEPLAY (4.25/5)

Rollers of the Realm is not just a pinball game. It also features knights, alchemists and wizards, to name just a few, to give a fantasy-like RPG feel. Typical of any pinball game, you are responsible for ensuring that your balls do not fall out of the table (or in this case the battlefield). Doing so will result in losing a member within your group. Still, you can always bring him or her back to life once you replenish your mana bar. It’s an interesting and unique approach that can possibly get players hooked to its pinball action.

Adding diversity to Rollers of the Realm is the different kinds of missions featured here, which can include killing off corrupt characters and collecting certain items. Simply hitting objects with the ball can build up your mana bar or it may leave behind gold instead. Additionally, there are treasure chests hidden all throughout waiting to be collected. Regardless, you’ll be enticed to get that ball “rolling” throughout this “realm.”

Note that each character within your group has a unique set of skills, speed and damages. Additionally, they each have different abilities accessible with enough mana. For instance, the rogue can summon her dog, which acts like another ball to damage enemies. Considering there are a variety of abilities to check out, this will definitely extend the game’s longevity and replay value.

Obviously, your characters are able to level up. Adding more depth to the RPG side is the port that allows you to purchase a diverse number of weapons and items for your characters with the gold that’s been collected. The latter can help in providing various beneficial effects, such as dealing more damage. You can even hire new members to your group, thereby keeping this game fresh and enticing for players.

Rollers of the Realm is not exactly perfect, though. While the fields have multiple layers, each are kind of small. Consequently, you won’t have much room for engaging in combat, which means controlling where your ball goes can be pretty tough. Some may find this welcoming as it adds some challenge to the gameplay. But often, I found that luck played a vital part in my success. However, if you can focus on the positive aspects of this game, you’ll find the pinball experience offered pretty engaging.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

With the price tag of $9.99, Rollers of the Realm offers its goods on both the PlayStation 4 and Vita as a cross-buy. If you find this mix of RPG and pinball enticing, then you’ll be “rolling” with joy over this one.


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