PSN Review: BlazeRush

Let the metal hit the floor.

Let the metal hit the floor.

By: Ted Chow

2 Fast, 2 Furious with a touch of Death Race, BlazeRush is an over-the-top racer with plenty of weapons and awesome cars to leave your opponents in the dusk — or better yet, in pieces — as you grin evilly in delight. As a person that generally doesn’t find interest in racing games, BlazeRush is a rather satisfying dark horse as it hits that soft spot just right. If you enjoy carnage, mayhem and destruction, then this game will satiate that urge and then some.


The controls are pretty straightforward with three primary buttons of importance. The left analog stick is used to move your racer in the direction of the obstacle course. R2 is used to activate your boost and square is used to activate your weapons. The controls can’t be changed, but alternative buttons that are already mapped can accomplish the same commands.


For the download size, the game provides a great deal of quality when it comes to the graphics. The racecars look like miniature toy cars except they are equipped with large boosters and a plethora of weapon attachments. The game gives off the air of you remote controlling these dangerous machines as you race along the track.

The racetracks themselves are diverse with a variety of environments and hazards to kill you. Explosions and other effects are reminiscent of watching a Michael Bays film as you spam missiles and boosters to cause complete havoc on the racetrack.

The sound also does a great job in rightfully capturing the chaos and keeping you in the mood to beat down your opponents.


BlazeRush comes in two flavors with either a campaign (called career mode) or drop in, drop out multiplayer. If you’re expecting anything out of the career mode, then you will probably be disappointed as it is solely there to get your feet wet with the basic gameplay. It does, however, offer you the incentive of unlocking all the racers in the game as well as other goodies such as achievements. It also eases the player into the different play modes as well as the variety of weapons that become available in your arsenal.

A couple of modes are available within BlazeRush, the most common being the standard laps around the track, albeit with complete carnage ensuing. Others consist of time trials, king of the hill where you try to stay first ahead of the other racers and a mode where a giant grinder plows through the track until only one racer remains. Points are accumulated until a certain threshold is reached to determine the victor of these matches.

Despite the low number of unique play instances, the game utilizes day/night versions, different planets and obstacles to provide a level of diversity in your sessions. Overall, the modes progressed well with only the grinder instance droning on far too long compared to the others.

The game’s racecars and weapons are fun and satisfying to use without taking things all too seriously. Racecars come in different flavors from tank treads to hover cars, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Mass, acceleration and maneuverability are the primary stats that affect how your racecar fares in most situations. Weapons are over the top with pulsating lasers, saw guns and homing missiles to name a few. Boosters also come in a variety of flavors with slapping rockets jets to your car being one of my favorites.

The balance for the racecars and weapons seem fair as they are only available when you pick them up on the actual racetrack. Boosters are dropped behind the lead car so that cars in the back can rejoin the fray. Boosters and weapons can’t be hoarded and have to be used in order to pick up new booster and/or weapon crate. This encourages spamming your items to cause havoc for everyone. The only jarring concern is that too much action is taking place on the screen at once, and that can disorient the player to lose sight of his or her racecar in the midst of the onslaught.

Multiplayer is a fun ride with your standard four-player drop in, drop out being the norm. The players can vote for the racetrack they want to participate in as well as the type of drops available. The dynamics are different when racing real players to that of the computer AI. For example, real players can explore plenty more tactics against you such as spinning around and firing their weapons behind them.

Leaderboards are also set in place for those competitive enough to take on the best racers. Overall, multiplayer gives players plenty of twists and a showcase of ingenuity to keep them entertained.

OVERALL (4.25/5)

Without a doubt, BlazeRush is a thrill ride. Even in losing races, I was still having a good time watching all the destruction and smiling at my misplays. It is a shame that there aren’t as many players in multiplayer as there should be, but to those that are looking for an adrenaline rush, BlazeRush can help satisfy your destructive urges.


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