PS Vita Review: Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!

Apparently, even robots need their Vitamin C to stay healthy.

Apparently, even robots need their Vitamin C to stay healthy.

By: Uma Smith

Question: What kind of robot consumes fruit? For the answer, feast your eyes on Infinite State Games’ interesting PlayStation Vita title Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! You see, Mr. Robot seems to be hungry for fruit, not because of its nutritional value but rather for its explosive effects. Say what???

CONTROLS (4.5/5)

Players have the option of moving their character with the analog stick, motion controls or rear touch pad. For accuracy and responsiveness, the analog sticks would be the most ideal. And since there aren’t any other commands to be concerned with, the game is very simple to master.


Graphically speaking, this Vita title isn’t very spectacular nor does it offer any uniqueness. The environments consist of a black backdrop with laser grids and enemies populating the screen. On top of that, the characters are very simplistic and don’t offer a whole lot in terms of leaving a lasting impression.

Thankfully, the music keeps the overall experience somewhat interesting as it speeds up depending on the action on screen. Still, you are not going to be exactly blasted away from the audio effects as they feel pretty standard at best.

GAMEPLAY (3.25/5)

Your objective behind Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! is straightforward: guide Mr. Robot to the fruit without making contact with any enemies. Keep in mind that each type of enemy has their own movement pattern and actually spawn in a randomized fashion. If you make contact, it’s game over.

There’s more to it than it sounds, though, as each time you get a fruit that spot will explode, taking out enemies within range of its blast radius. If you factor in nearby fruits, this can lead to a chain reaction. As a result, the whole idea is to determine the right timing to create this explosive effect in order to achieve a mix of both combos and score multipliers.

With 50 stages on offer, there is plenty to keep you busy. Each stage has its own set of objectives and gameplay conditions. For instance, you may have to perform a large combo chain as well as stay very close to enemies for a specified number of times. Furthermore, there are times when you may have to avoid fruit and even have restricted movements yourself. Depending on how you perform, you will be rewarded with medals from bronze to platinum. This, as well as the online leaderboards, gives Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! its replay value.

While the stages themselves don’t offer much superficial diversity, the varying gameplay conditions coupled with the randomly-generated enemies result in a gameplay that manages to offer a somewhat fresh and interesting impression. There are times when the degree of difficulty can feel unfair to players. Thus, it can be a matter of luck rather than skill in terms of pulling off a high score. However, if it weren’t for this randomly-generated gameplay, the fun factor in Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! would quickly “die” out.

OVERALL (3.25/5)

Don’t Die, Mr.Robot! may be lacking in terms of originality, but its take on gameplay mechanics and challenges are possible sources of addiction to players. As such, there is enough “fruit” in this game to keep its entertainment from “dying” out too quickly.


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