PS4 Review: In Space We Brawl

It’s pretty, but do NOT approach the spinning hole of death!

It’s pretty, but do NOT approach the spinning hole of death!

By: Jeff Cater

Developed and published by Italian company Forge Reply, In Space We Brawl is a twin-stick shooter where straightforward shoot ’em up gameplay is the appetizer, main course and dessert.

In Space We Brawl is all about silly, quick and explosive galactic warfare. Upon selecting your play mode, a Multiplayer Tournament or Championship and a Single-player Challenge, you are allowed to select between a few different ship archetypes with different attributes of speed, durability, etc. After selecting your ship, a bevy of attachable weapons is available to you. Pick one, be it the rail-gun or the spreading, scatter effect gun, and get your ass to space.

It is very bare bones as a single-player experience, as the only mode available is a “Challenge” mode in which you race against the clock to take out asteroids, errant robots and avoid the many dangers outer space has to offer. Although the single player does offer a bit of a distraction to test your skill, the game is really meant to be played with at LEAST two players.

In Tournament mode you will fight against a bracket arranged from your opponents and the player on top will emerge victorious, whereas the Championship mode is more of a straightforward death match experience, but the victor is determined by who has the best K/D ratio.

Your opponent is rarely just going to be your friends on the couch, and AI craft will often float about taking shots when they can. The environment also presents a good modification to the competitive challenge by stacking the level with obstacles such as lightning-fast asteroids or black holes tearing the gravity all around them.

In Space We Brawl isn’t going to win any awards for audio or visual direction, but the game is ultimately pleasing to both the eyes and ears. The backdrops are all deep hues of black and blue, speckled with nebulae and distant galaxies, with minor changes depending on the level you’ve selected.


Though the game is terribly thin on any material you could partake alone, In Space We Brawl is really meant to be played with a couple of buddies. Or your kids for that matter, as the presentation is bright, friendly and the mechanics are immediately easy to pick up and play.

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